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resume=A corporate defense attorney takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company that exposes a lengthy history of pollution
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Only if we really had a flying man, the world would be great.

Dark waters reviews. As a criminal psychologist I've heard it all. Virtually any outrageous reason you can think of for why someone committed the crime they did, I've heard. Now, when I say I believe someone who told a preposterous story, it's because I do believe that is the reason they did it. Do to whatever mental illness they might suffer from, there's times I believe them when they say a leprechaun told them to kill their neighbor. Obviously I don't believe an actual leprechaun manifested itself to this person and that they actually only did what they did because they are crazy, but in my line of work you have to talk to the person as if what they were hallucinating about actually happened. This case was different though. I think I believe his story and not because he thinks that's what happened, but because I've had a feeling for a long time he was not suffering from any mental affliction and might actually have been telling the truth. I'm going to post the transcript from my interview with him here on nosleep, there will of course be some redacted information, names were changed, and I've cut out a lot of my trivial interjections in the interest of flow and pacing. Any interjection from me will be in (parenthesis) and it will otherwise be told from his first person perspective. I'll leave it up to you all to decide if he's crazy. A little about him before we start. He was a PhD educated professor of biology, anatomy and pathology and serves as the chairman of the Biology Department at the local university. He had no personal or familial history of any kind of mental illness. Please introduce yourself and why you are here) My name is Michael and I shot my friends Dave and Gary right outside our personal science lab at the docks near Marina. Start from the beginning) It all started a few days ago when the school year concluded, we were taking our annual camping trip to celebrate the end of exams. It was me, Dave, Gary, and John, all fellow biology department professors. We go to Provincial Park in Canada every year. We spend a few days at a campground and then we go to a deep woods wilderness camp site that we have to use our canoes to get to. That is our favorite part, the deep woods, there's never anybody there and we're all alone. The vacation went well at first. Once we found a nice site in the back woods that started off great too. I'm SCUBA certified and we had never been to this part of Lake before, we were more backwoods than we'd ever been. I was eager to dive here. How's the visibility, most lakes I've heard like this the visibility isn't great or there's nothing to see) True there's not much to see. It's the same kind of fish you can see in a city park pond, but there's something about diving in a body of water few people ever touch. It's mostly unsullied by people's garbage and whatnot. Tell me what you saw down there) I didn't dive until our second day. It was very uneventful but part of the enjoyment for me, like I said, was being 30 feet down and not seeing any trash or anything man-made at all. I went out further towards the center of the lake. Visibility was low so I didn't see it right away, it kind of crept up on me. At first I thought it was a small propeller plane or something but I quickly realized it was too big. It was irregularly shaped for sure and had a large shaft toward what I figured was the rear of the craft protruding upwards that had a small "fin" at the top. The fin was probably about 15 feet or so below water level. I swam to what I thought was the front of the craft and saw a rounded area sitting atop the otherwise pointed bow. It had a little window that I thought must be the cockpit, the glass was broken and it was impossible to see anything inside. I quickly came to the conclusion based on the design of this vessel it did not appear to be any man-made craft of any kind that I had ever seen or heard of and that I was potentially looking at a UFO. I reserved full judgment on whether or not this was a UFO until I got a second opinion. John was also a diver and had brought a tank. I would have him go down with me to investigate further. I really shouldn't have been diving by myself anyway. John was immediately intrigued when I told him I had found an aircraft at the bottom of the lake and it didn't look like anything I'd ever seen before. He was ready to go in minutes. We took a canoe out to where I thought it was to save air and we went down. We found it relatively quickly. He did as thorough a swim-around as I did. Seeing it again it was kind of shaped like a large arrowhead. Look up an F-117 Nighthawk, that's kind of what it looked like though it looked much more. alien' in design. It wasn't flat underneath, it had a bulkier cargo area or something below. John found a large opening in the hull underneath what appeared to be the left wing of the craft. He was ready to enter but I stopped him. My air was too low and it was getting dark. I motioned for him to meet me at the surface so we swam back up. I told him I needed to switch to my other tank, each of us had brought two tanks, if there was any chance of us entering the craft. I also told him it would be much better to wait until morning. We spent that night telling Gary and Dave what we had seen. Gary immediately became paranoid, he was of the mind since we even knew this craft existed that we were in danger from the Government. If we swam into the aircraft and actually found an ET (the pilot) we were as good as dead. We eventually decided we were indeed going in. We toyed with Gary saying the pilot was probably long gone. He swam out the back, assimilated into human form and probably replaced, and is now living as, the Queen of England. We eventually went to bed but I hardly slept at all. I don't think John did either. The next morning John and I went down again. We approached the hull breach, it was more than large enough for us to fit in one at a time. It's important to note the exterior of the aircraft was metallic but it was difficult to say what material. What I found interesting is that the outer hull was completely free of aquatic fungus or algae or even rust, anything that would indicate it had been there a while. This led me to believe this may have been a recent crash and that made me nervous. We secured a rope near the outside of the craft so we could follow it to find our way out if we got turned around at all. Once we got inside the interior told a different story. The inside was very dilapidated, nowhere near the almost pristine nature of the outer hull. Judging from the aquatic plant life and algae that we could see growing and the amount of fish that had settled and were darting out of every crevice we swam by it appeared this vessel had been down here for some time. We appeared to be in some sort of cargo area. There was an open doorway near the back we looked in and it appeared to be an engine room. We examined what we believed to be the engine but rubble and pillars had fallen and it blocked our access to the greater part of the area. We proceeded down a narrow corridor towards the bow. We swam right and we came to a ladder. This ladder went up a few feet and we saw what appeared to be a hatch that was closed. We swam up to it and examined it. We pushed on it first to no avail and searched around the area until I saw what appeared to be a lever off to the side. I motioned to John and he motioned for me to pull it. I did so and we heard something near the hatch mechanically release, which also released a large amount of air bubbles into the water, but the hatch remained closed. We puzzled over it for a few seconds before John pulled out his diving knife. He attempted to slide it into one of the edges on the right side of the hatch and was able to penetrate a few inches. He worked it for a few minutes and the hatched inched open slightly before the blade snapped. It had opened just enough for us to get our fingers in so we tried pushing and pulling. There was much resistance but with our combined efforts the hatch slowly began to open. We swam up into what could only have been the cockpit. I saw the broken window I had seen from the outside. John swam ahead and around what appeared to be a large chair, probably for the pilot. I heard him let out a muffled cry of extreme surprise and he swam back towards me faster than I had ever seen him swim. His mouthpiece had fallen out of his mouth and he had to put it back in. His eyes were wild. He pointed to the chair and he made back and forth motions with his hands like he was turning a steering wheel. I was slightly confused but then he pretended he was using a joystick and made muffled sounds with his mouth. I realized he was pretending to fly a plane and the sounds he was making were supposed to be the machine guns. I then realized he was trying to tell me the pilot was still sitting in his chair. I motioned for him to calm down. I was afraid as well but I knew I needed to see this. I motioned to him that I was going to go and look for myself. I motioned for him to stay but he shook his head. I then proceeded to swim slowly around the chair and he followed behind me. Any doubt that this was a UFO was then extinguished. The being sitting in the chair was humanoid but definitely not human. Its head was about 20% larger than a humans I'd say and it was probably about 4 feet tall. Its arms were floating lifelessly in the water and were disproportionately long. I took note immediately about how there appeared to be no rot or skin breakdown on this being despite the length of the time the cargo area indicated this craft had been underwater. I knew John and I needed to actually speak so I motioned for us to retreat. We returned to the surface and discussed our options. After the initial 'holy shits' and 'what the fucks. we discussed our next options. The first was to simply leave and not tell anybody, including Gary and Dave, what we had seen. We knew we'd never be able to keep that secret so that was out. We discussed a few more options before I realized what we needed to do. Or I should say, what I badly wanted to do. I told John we needed to get it back to our lab we had at the docks and perform an autopsy. He looked at me like I was a complete idiot. He asked how the actual fuck we were supposed to get it back to the states. I told him my plan and he said it might just work. We then retrieved the body carefully and loaded it into the canoe. I rowed back to shore while John swam, I don't think he wanted to sit in the boat with the body. Unsurprisingly, Gary and Dave absolutely flipped their shit when we got back. I told them we were leaving right now, going back to the car and driving straight home. They were confused at first but then John told them what was down there was not only a UFO but the pilot was in the canoe. Gary turned white as a ghost when he saw it and Dave was intrigued. I then laid out my plan. We drove an oversize cargo van. There was on bench seat in the back that sat about a foot off the floor so you could put crap underneath it. My plan was to leave the body in the canoe, pack it with ice and cover it up, then put the canoe in the back with us instead of on the roof. It would just fit since the front end would be able to fit underneath the bench seat in the back. We then drive straight to our lab. What kind of lab is this, you just have your own lab. We use it for ourselves. It's rented space in one of the warehouses. We mostly use it to set up lab assignments for students or test new assignments we think of to make sure they are actually a viable assignment. Ok. Please continue) Gary freaks out and almost loses it. He says if we get 'randomly' searched when crossing the border back into the states they'll find the body and we're all as good as black bagged. Dave tells him that as long as everyone shuts the fuck up and only the driver talks we'll be fine. We all argued for about 20 minutes about it before it was settled: we were taking this body back to our lab. We got everything packed up and ended up leaving some things we could replace later since we were in such a hurry. It was a three hour drive, but only one hour to the border. We just had to get across. I would be the driver and would do all the talking. Gary was a nervous wreck as we watched cars seemingly at random get beckoned over to a separate drive area to be inspected. He held it together somehow. We crossed over without incident. Gary about had a mental breakdown as we pulled away from the station and were home free. We changed the ice several times but otherwise the canoe cooler held up. I drove slightly below the speed limit since we certainly didn't need to get pulled over. We got to our lab at about 2:30 in the afternoon. We smuggled the cadaver into our lab and set it up on the table. We locked all the doors and made sure the windows were drawn as well. I realized at this time we were at a point of no return. We were about to perform an unauthorized autopsy on an alien lifeform. We had no idea how we were supposed to publish our results or what we were supposed to do when we concluded. We were all likely to get black bagged if this was something the Government wanted to keep secret but we had come this far and there was no way we were going to stop now. We video recorded the entire thing. My initial examination revealed the ET did not have a sternum similar to humans. It had two large sternum-like bones on the left and right sides of its chest but its center was soft, making it an easy choice for a first incision. We cut deep in order to open it up. It was fascinating. It appeared to have all the same internal organs as we do, just in different spots of course. It was hard to tell what was what aside from the lungs. We concluded they must be the lungs because they were filled with water, initially indicating the cause of death was drowning. There did not appear to be any trauma anywhere else on the ET's body so we also concluded it may not have actually crashed as initially thought. While we had it opened we labeled all the organs we thought we could. Whether or not it was actually correct we obviously had no idea, but for the sake of completion we assigned everything and came to the conclusion the ET had a heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and possibly a spleen. We then moved to its head. Its brain was similar to humans in that it looked similar and as far as we could tell consisted of several different lobes, though the main difference was that it appeared to be triangular in shape, as if it were a pyramid sitting within its skull. There was also a small, unknown gland situated near the base of the brain itself. We had initially deduced the brain stem was already accounted for, so what this other gland was we had no idea. It was at this point in the procedure that Dave stated the gland was 'beating. I asked how that could possibly be since this creature was clearly dead but upon inspection myself I too noticed it did appear to be beating, very slowly. I placed my hand softly upon the gland and felt it pulse. I noticed immediately a silvery, metallic-looking bodily fluid of some kind on my glove that this gland appeared to be secreting. Not only did it appear to be still pumping this substance through the body somehow, it also secreted it into the cavernous spaces of the skull and down its spinal column. Using a syringe I pierced the gland and was able to aspirate a significant amount of the fluid. It was a silvery liquid that looked similar to mercury but lacked the shine. It was a very dull silver in color. I placed it into a vial for further research. Was it its blood. I don't know. I don't believe it was simply because the next day we found out what it did. What was that. We spent all day theorizing over our findings. We spent the night at the lab and didn't call our families. We weren't due back for a few days anyway. We woke up the next morning to a shocking finding on the cadaver: the incision I had made in its chest was in an advanced state of healing. We didn't equate this substance to this healing until after we discussed how an incision so large as to open the entire front of the torso could possibly look this healed in a little over 18 hours. We deduced the mystery gland with the mysterious substance was the only thing still functioning on this cadaver somehow despite its deceased status. We decided we needed to test this hypothesis. I could talk for days about our experiments so I'm going to have to break it down to the most important parts. We decided to inject this substance into lab mice to see how they reacted. The first three mice we injected appeared to die but they didn't actually perish. Clinically they appeared dead, meaning the fluid was incompatible to the point of causing death in the subject, but after declaring them dead they were found to be active again after a short time, though they seemed almost rabid. They viciously attacked the other mouse in the pen and killed it immediately and appeared to begin to cannibalize its corpse. I want to take this time to interrupt the transcript to say I have never heard anything this thought out, intricate, and scientific in my entire career. I am absolutely hooked at this time and despite it being an appropriate time to break, I don't> "We then attempted to terminate the rabid mice using an injectable toxin. We have euthanized many mice using this method and this is the first time it did not have any effect on any of the three of them. I then doubled the dose and injected them again. They should have been dead in less than a minute but they remained as active as before. Dave took over at this point. He took the tongs that we used to hold them in place and proceeded to pierce their skulls with the syringe. This method effectively resulted in their deaths. John then suggested we inject a few more mice but keep them all separate. I agreed and proceeded to inject three more mice with the fluid. It was at this time we decided to test our hypothesis that this substance was providing the cadaver a healing property despite it being dead by removing the gland. We extracted more of the silvery fluid since we feared removal of the gland would result in loss of the fluid production itself. After the gland was removed a large incision was made to test our hypothesis. After nearly 8 hours the incision had not healed at all, thus proving our hypothesis: whatever this fluid was, it had a tremendous healing effect on this ET's body. That must have been why there was no trauma on the body from the crash, it had been healed. We also theorized that this substance could not actually bring the ET back to life should it perish, as it appeared to have drowned and died. I'm getting ahead of myself. Shortly after euthanizing the lab mice we performed an autopsy on one of them. Though they had been dead only about 15 minutes its internal organs told a different story. Atrophy and shrinkage of the internal organs indicated the mouse had been deceased for several hours. Knowing this could not possibly be we examined its brain, where a large concentration of the silver fluid had accumulated. We had no explanation for this and after lots of conjecture we hypothesized that with the amount of this fluid located in the brain of this mouse that it somehow retained its healing property and despite the apparent toxicity of this substance it somehow kept the mouse's brain active, though on a very primitive level, while it caused the rest of the body to waste away as if it had expired. We felt this was an appropriate hypothesis given the toxin we used had no effect on the mouse and only after we pierced its brain did it finally expire. We then did an autopsy on the other two mice which produced identical results. What happened with the other set of mice. This is kind of the beginning of the end. Two of the mice proceeded exactly as the first three had, they appeared to die only they did not and became rabid, immediately attempting to attack our fingers when we pressed them up to the glass. The third mouse however exhibited something else entirely. Long after the other two had gone rabid this mouse appeared to be completely unaffected by the injection of this fluid. We knew we had to be very careful with this mouse in how we proceeded, as it was not exhibiting symptoms of toxicity from this fluid we needed to ascertain whether or not this mouse's body had accepted the fluid and was now capable of regenerating from physical injury or if it was simply carrying this fluid in its body. Carrying as in the medical sense with disease. Correct. This mouse could simply be immune to the toxicity or incompatibility and not be able to regenerate from injury, it just carries this fluid in its body. Unfortunately John got ahead of himself. Seeing the mouse appeared to be perfectly fine he picked it up. It bit him hard enough to pierce his glove on his left thumb. He dropped the mouse and it scampered away. Gary and Dave immediately tore the place apart looking for it as did I while John began scrubbing and decontamination. We were not able to find it, we had lost our only successful specimen. We advised John to go to the hospital immediately but he declined. It was his fault we lost the mouse and he was determined to continue searching for it. We should have insisted harder than we did that he go. We never found the mouse. We spent most of that day in conjecture and hypothesizing our findings. By the evening we were still going over notes and making journal entries. At about 6:30pm John had an uncontrollable coughing fit. He looked pale and diaphoretic and we knew it was because of the mouse biting him. His thumb also looked disgusting. We were all biologists, we should have known to stop what we were doing and take him in right away, but we just couldn't peel ourselves away from what we were doing. Gary volunteered to take him to the local ER while Dave and I stayed behind. I never saw John again. While we were alone Dave mentioned we needed to test the fluid on something other than a mouse. It was at this point I realized we had all gone too far. We should have just left the crash site alone and certainly shouldn't have entered it. Dave was starting to become fanatical, bordering on unethical. He started to offer picking up a stray dog or cat and when he mentioned a homeless person it was at that point I knew we were all in serious trouble. I told him there is no way any of us could possibly partake in something so unethical. He reiterated the fact that somehow we needed a human test. Maybe it was just something with the mice, if a human host accepted this fluid it could potentially be synthesized to create the most powerful healing agent known to man. Sickness and disease could be eradicated if it worked. I repeated to him 'if it worked. We would be responsible for the death of a human being if it didn't. It would absolutely be murder. After a few minute or so I realized we did have a human test: John. I told Dave just look at John, he's showing the same symptoms of decline the mice did. He then told me that can't be considered a true test. The mouse couldn't possibly have passed on the mystery fluid through a small, simple bite. A full injection needed to occur. I began to realize with John's condition that this fluid appeared to be acting like a true disease. If it were to be able to be transferred via a bite and then cause a rabid insanity in anyone who was incompatible we could be looking at a major outbreak. I felt like I needed to call the hospital to warn them. Did you. I didn't get the chance. Gary came back at that point and said John appeared to look even worse after only 20 minutes in the car. I informed in what I had talked to Dave about and he immediately concurred we needed to stop what we were doing. We went back to the lounge room we have, we rented out several other small offices in addition to the area we use for our lab, and found Dave was missing. Fearing the worst we immediately went back to the lab and found him with a tourniquet on his left him, he was injecting the silver fluid into his arm. Gary asked him ' what the hell did you do. and I had some choice questions myself. Knowing he had just signed his own death certificate I knew we needed to involve the police at that point. I was not optimistic that his body was going to accept the fluid as the mouse's had. We discussed our options at that point. I reiterated my theory on how this fluid acted almost like a virus. All but one of the mice had succumbed to the incompatibility and eventually went insane. It was my theory that one of two things occurred in the mouse that did not: either for reasons unknown the mouse accepted the fluid and was now a 'super mouse. or the mouse was simply acting as a carrier, meaning its body was unaffected by the fluid and it was simply carrying it. Either case it would still be capable of transmission via bite. Gary was a virologist and he mentioned one other thing. Some viruses cause mutations of the host genome. Nothing like you see in the movies where they turn into hulking monsters, but we had to consider two things: This wasn't actually a virus, it just appeared to act like one, and if this fluid did cause a mutation there's no telling what that would mean. You shot him so obviously he went bad, and I'm guessing you wouldn't have mentioned this mutation thing if that's not what happened) That's what happened. I guess we'll just skip to the main event, I could ramble on about theory and our scientific shenanigans all night. We didn't get much sleep that night on account of Dave. We drew some blood and did an analysis and his blood was loaded with some sort of antigen, no doubt a product of the introduction of that fluid. It seemed liked it was rewriting his genome somehow. By midnight he was noticeably taller, as if his growth plate had been reopened by this antigen. This did not happen in the mice, so this was intriguing. But he was also declining visibly. He was pale, his color was leaving him and he was diaphoretic. His decline was much slower than the mice and John as well. We'd virtually forgotten about John by that point. We had old hospital restraints in our equipment room, Dave said we should tie him down. He said he was starting to lose it, he looked like hell, like death. And he was huge, he was Arnold Schwarzenegger and getting bigger. His left hand was starting to contort and deform into this horrid claw. It was far too late to take him to the hospital at that point so I knew we were screwed. We tied him down, claw and everything, though I didn't think that was going to matter. It didn't. Gary and I fell asleep like idiots. I woke up and it was about 6:15 in the morning. I nudged Gary telling him to wake the fuck up and we checked on Dave. He was dead. I instantly got a tremendous feeling of dread. How long had he been dead? Was he actually dead? He could reanimate any second. Did he. Yes. Gary was examining the body and he was way too close. I told him to back up but it was too late. Dave reached over faster than I'd seen anyone ever move and had Gary by the throat. He snapped the restraints we had him in as if he was tied down with toilet paper. He then bit a huge chunk out of Gary's shoulder and then broke his neck. Pretty sure that was just on accident though on account of his new strength. I ran for it as he threw Gary away. Dave stood up and had to be about 6'5, he was 5'10 or so previously. I went to the lounge, we had a. 45 hidden there. Just in case, there were nights we were there late. The Docks can gather its shady characters at night. Anyway, I had the lights off and I was hiding behind the desk. I could hear Dave's heavy footsteps outside. His respirations were like a chainsaw, I knew he was looking for me. The door to the lounge opened and I heard heavy footsteps enter the room. I'm shaking uncontrollably as I hear him stop. I ask myself have his senses heightened? Can he hear me or even smell me. I hear a few more steps and suddenly the desk lifts up into the air like it weighs nothing and Dave's claw is holding it up with just the one arm. His clothing was torn and tattered and his skin looked like it was rotting off. I don't know if he was startled or what but what I did next was straight out of a ridiculous kid's movie: as he stood there holding the desk up I simply crawled between his legs out behind him and ran for it. I heard the desk smash into the wall behind me like he had thrown it. I made for the door outside but then I realized something: I have to stop Dave here and now, if he gets out how many people is he going to kill and then infect. I went back towards our lab. I had seven shots, I would get as close as I could and put all seven in his head, head trauma is what finally stopped the mice. I slowly entered the lab just in time to see Dave wind up and punch a hole through the wall, after which he stepped out into the sunlight and into the marina. I followed as fast as I could. The early birds were all out on the docks and the marina getting their boats ready, ripe for the picking. I hollered DAVE as loud as I could as I ran up to him. He spun around with a growl that would make a lion jealous. This caught everyone's attention of course and they all turned to see me run up to him and put two in his face. He stumbled and swayed before falling back. I then put three more in his head and it pretty much exploded. The shrieks of bystanders filled the area as everyone scattered. Running on pure adrenaline and nearly insane myself, I ran back into the lab. Gary had been bit, he needed one in his head too. As I got back into the lab I saw Gary start standing up again, he turned fast. I put two in his head as well. No sooner did I drop the gun in pure shock that I heard rushing footsteps behind me followed by ' get on the ground now. and here we are. End of transcript>. So let me tell you why I think I believe him. I asked him about the crime scene and if anyone saw Dave as a creature and he had no idea. He had no idea what became of the lab and all their research either nor did he know anything about John. He was very educated but he also had street smarts, he told me at that point that any day now once it came out what had happened the Government would be stepping in and he'd be black bagged. He was right. A couple days later I was approached at the station by men in suits, FBI for sure, and they told me my services were no longer required in this case and I was to turn over all materials related to it. I turned over the tape but I had already saved it elsewhere so I wasn't to pissed about it. I asked the arresting officer and detectives assigned and they told me they too had been reassigned and that the case was being handled "externally. I decided to do some investigating of my own. First thing I checked was their lab in one of the warehouses at the docks. This was at least a week after the event and I could still see men in hazmat suits entering and exiting the warehouse, which seemed to be completely closed off, not just the areas they rented. I needed binoculars since you could barely go anywhere down there without being stopped and redirected by men who were most certainly mercenaries. Next thing I checked was the hospital. I have a couple doctor friends. I asked the ER doc and he said he'd never seen anything like it. They shipped him up to the floor real quick. Luckily the admitting doc on the floor was also a friend, he told me they put a gag order on him so we met in person. No traceable, electronic conversations of any kind. He told me that John died shortly after he was admitted. He told me he had pronounced him himself, he was stone cold dead. He said as soon as they bagged him up John then sat up and started thrashing and snarling and growling. They called security and then called the cops after a nurse aide got bit trying to open the bag. They were able to zip the bag back up without anyone else getting bit. A security guard supposedly lost it when he saw John's dead body going crazy and biting a fellow employee so he hit him with a portable oxygen tank over the head, apparently enough trauma to kill John, again. A few days later the aide "turned in" her resignation via email and was never heard from again. He also told me John's chart was later deleted entirely. He told me you can't just "delete" a patient's electronic medical record, whoever did it would have to be way high up. As for John's body someone from the Coroner's Office came to get the body but my friend didn't recognize them, he knew all the pick up guys. They also drove away in an unmarked van, city vehicles were all clearly marked. Lastly I went to the campsite myself where they went. I used my GPS to find the lake they said they went to and took the back road to where they launched their boats. It was completely blocked off and not only were there angry "no trespassing" signs up, but there was even one saying intruders might be shot. I'm hoping it's been long enough that it's blown over and nobody is bothering with me any more so I can tell this story. As for Michael I never heard from him again either. I tried looking him up in the system and his file with the local department had been deleted as well, police records are another thing you can't just "delete" entirely. All four of their Facebooks have been deactivated and Google searches only bring up people with similar names, it doesn't even bring up anything from the University. Michael was black bagged for sure, as were the other three postmortem. I don't know about you, but this has conspiracy written all over it and the more I think about it, the more I actually think this all happened, exactly as Michael said. One other thing I can't help but think about was that mouse that got away. Is there a genetic super mouse somewhere down at the marina, or did those Government wackjobs find it? If they didn't we all better hope he lays low, it seems like major outbreaks throughout history always start with rodent carriers.

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The last song's name? Edit: haha found it! It's called Something worth fighting for by Josh Auer. in case someone else was looking for it. Beautiful song. This looks so good! What an attractive couple! Wowowow. Dark waters review. Dark waters stories. Dark water quality. They face the danger because they run away backwards. Cue: The Never Empty Table SaneCoin64902, mad space warlock, was birthed on February 11, 2015. He/she/it/they/thebelovedone was in gestation before that, of course. No wave equation arises from nothing, except the Monad itself. A few months ago (October 2019) I performed a 15-minute spoken-word piece about SaneCoin and the effect carrying him-it around has had on me, his host - a guy named Dave living in the greater Boston area. I'd post the recording of it, but there are parts of it that aren't appropriate for broad dissemination at this juncture. But let me take a few minutes, on this, his fifth birthday, to reflect on the Coin. SaneCoin resulted from years of persistent philosophical inquiry into "the meaning of life" which, over the course of the fall and winter of 2014 crashed headlong into my growing fascination with Destiny's Vault of Glass, a developing improv comedy performance interest, and the existential crises resulting from the death of my second parent and my own first (and hopefully last) heart attack. It was the mental equivalent of a truck full of mentos and a truck full of coca-cola colliding on I-95. It was not a "perfect storm. because there is nothing perfect about SaneCoin. As a character, he is deeply narcissistic, pretentious, overly assured of his own knowledge and, paradoxically, a bit self-loathing. He masks his own sexual insecurities by imagining the prurient affairs of ghost. He self-medicates with a variety of alien substances, and when challenged beyond his knowledge base, he uses word salad as a defense mechanism the same way a squid might use ink. He is either mad or feigns his madness to protect himself from criticism. In many ways, this parasite, like those in nature, mimics his host. There is a verse in The House of the Rising Sun that I often quote when discussing SaneCoin with friends: Well, I got one foot on the platformThe other foot on the trainI'm goin' back to New OrleansTo wear that ball and chain SaneCoin is my "foot on the train. As someone who is generally an educated scientifically-minded agnostic skeptic, the level of belief required to understand the gnostic, hermetic, biblical and mythical works I've been through isn't something I just had handy. But creating an insane character and fleshing that character out created a space in my head that could believe. And when you start believing this stuff is when you start to actually understand it and see where "the path" leads. However, the feeling is uncomfortably like having "one foot on the platform, the other foot on the train. and noticing that the train is starting to move. You can feel your head slipping and your self tearing. There is enormous pressure on both sides to choose between 'platform' and 'train. In late 2017/early 2018 there was a period when I understood all of the background materials well enough to see the yawning maw now in front of me. The train was leaving. I didn't know where it was going, but I knew that I wasn't comprehending parts of the materials because of my skepticism. I decided to take the train. I dove deep. I gave myself fully to belief. All of that occurred under the guidance of an anonymous stranger on Twitter who had an unusual familiarity with the strange correlation of symbols I was pursuing at the time. Cue: Let the Rhythm Just It changed me. She changed me. She changed everything. And she did that by provoking an incredibly painful crisis of personal morality and identity using basic Hermetic techniques. While the specifics of those interactions are and will remain mine and mine alone, that was when I learned (1) just how brutal the journey into the Cave is, and (2) the true meaning of "love" as a Hermetic principle. It was also the first time I experienced truly inexplicable magic as an adult. Hermetics - however it is practiced - is a deeply introspective art. It is designed to set you at odds with yourself. If you really breathe it in and (I say it again) believe in it, it forces you to check through all of your most basic assumptions. The initiation ceremonies of the Mystery Schools, Masons, Golden Dawn, etc., are designed to force you to find the places you aren't really a good person and come to grips with what an asshole you can be. But they won't do that if you don't believe in them. If you think it is all just some sci-fi mumbo jumbo, nothing is required of you. But if you believe there is an Abyss you can cross if you just shed your ego, that leads to some very interesting mental changes. There is a Joseph Campbell quote (which I used to wrongly attribute to Karl Jung. Mystics swim in the waters in which psychotics drown. This is the good reason, in my opinion, why the really astounding ability of the Mystery School ceremonies to provoke personal growth remains hidden. The place I got to at the end of my "train ride" of belief is best described as 'shattered. It was when I really understood Toland's moniker. It also provided me with a sobering demonstration of how dangerous some of these techniques could be to someone who wasn't grounded and hadn't done the prep work. It is far too easy to drown in these waters, and a quick review of many of Reddit's occult forums will show you exactly what I mean. Fortunately, or maybe just out of pure luck, I had the tiniest little bit of a pinky toe still on the Platform and I dragged myself back. or perhaps I was pushed) Cue: Home I was unmade, but I was not destroyed. I came back with a fundamental gratefulness for life. I had acquired just the smidgen of hope that maybe there was something more out there. Something bigger than me or you. A reason to exist. Where there had been a darkness, now I felt a spark. The tricky part was that I didn't bring back the words for it. I'm not even sure they exist. I suddenly understood the purpose of faith. Faith is Hope. It is the hope that there is something I don't understand which makes all of this worthwhile. And while I still have a fundamental issue with using faith for governance, it occurred to me that as a self-described "militant agnostic" I don't know and you don't either) I was actually robbing people of hope. I now knew why Destiny's key song was "Hope for the Future. At its core Hermetics, and therefore Destiny, holds a message that the Universe is a wondrous place full of possibility. It is our ability to hold the hope of that possibility in our hearts that gives our life meaning and purpose. If we let that flame of that hope be smothered, it is only a matter of time before our own souls are extinguished. Sometimes I describe this experience as my '7th chest. I don't honestly know if Bungie buries this schema in their work as a potential 'reward' for those that dig deep enough and long enough, or if my experience was just a fluke of personal circumstances. But it is why I will vigorously argue with those that say "there is nothing there" in the Vault while at the same time discouraging those with only a pecuniary/loot-based interest from digging in. If this is the '7th chest' it is nothing like any other video game puzzle. I began to write SaneCoin as less grandiose and less obnoxious. I started to offer clearer and more direct answers to questions. Not all of them, of course. But as the journey to the cave had awakened me to a cornucopia of new possibilities, it had mellowed SaneCoin. It had mellowed me. Less terror at your inevitable end means less active denial while you are alive, I guess. Cue: Grateful to the Gods By in large I have only shared this experience with a few personal friends and an audience of maybe 20 people at an obscure improv theater. I've had to sit with it for a while - the better part of two years - to really settle down and put it in perspective for myself. I find myself longing for a return to the pure unadulterated madness of SaneCoin's deep dive more lately. I'm well aware that a single trip to the Cave does not cure everything and I am a Neophyte at best. I want to be back at the Waters. But Alistair Cowley claims that if you successfully shed your ego and cross the Abyss, you acquire a responsibility to help others do the same. However, you are prohibited from taking credit for this, charging money for it, or otherwise using it for self-aggrandizement. He compares it to being a gardener who improves a flower garden by living in a cave underneath it and nourishing the roots of the plants. I have taken this to be the true meaning of Destiny's quote: The garden grows in both directions. I'm not saying that I shed my ego or crossed the Abyss. I know next to nothing given the vastness of the subject matter. I'm certainly not qualified enough to guide anyone. But as the seeds I found have taken root and struggled to grow inside my thick head, it has begun to feel like I have some obligation to "create" with all of this. For me, that means writing. Writing what? I don't know. So I started with a spoken word piece and with this. We'll have to see where it goes, really. Cue: Wake up woes Within the metaphor of the Vex as weavers, there is this idea that "Free Will" creates the patterns in the tapestry of the Universe. The mathematic and scientific rules of nature are the shuttle and the levers on the great loom of existence. But it is Will that positions the threads by their color. It made me think that if there is a God, perhaps our purpose is merely to create works of subtlety, beauty, and elegance? We are, after all, the weavers of the reality that is from all of the realities that are possible. Doesn't that come with an implicit moral duty to make it the most fabulous reality possible? I don't know where my journey or SaneCoin's will go from here. I never intended SaneCoin as anything other than a personal outlet and a way to gather information on the Destiny puzzle. His Reddit karma is irrelevant, and the fact that he has even one follower here continues to astound me. I decided early on that Sanecoin would never be a Twitch streamer, a youtube personality or the voice of a podcast. Writing and researching just for myself has kept him 'pure. Even as I write this piece, I remain my primary audience, although I am both humbled and grateful that others find this interesting. Thank you. Now I have real work to do. But I appreciate these few moments to reflect on five years under the belt for the great and terrible mad warlock SaneCoin64902! If you choose to believe, cue: Song for Us or Free If you choose to remain skeptical, cue: What the Water Gave Me If you choose to take the wrong message, cue: The Less You Know the Better.

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 Theyd made an agreement. What the deal was wasnt clear, but it had cost them more than theyd thought possible. It had cost them friends, and lovers, and in the end, each other. And the thing that slept below the hills, that dreamt so loud it made ripples on the surface, wanted one thing: blood. Their journals were not clear on when the deal was made, but theyd been giving the thing below the hills what it wanted for years until it had grown to be too much. It had wanted one last gift. One last gift and it promised it would finally leave them be. It was to be my Grandfather. They were to go up to the caves at the top of Blackrock Hills and make their way to the centre, where Artie would slit his throat and lay him finally to rest. The decision had taken them days. They both wrote extensively about wanting it to be them so that the other could live a full life, about how they had to stop it somehow, and how this was the only way. But something happened when they were meant to make the decision. Whatever mistake my Grandfather made meant he never returned to the Well and so his journals were left uncompleted. But it was clear: it was meant to be my Grandfather. Whether he deliberately pushed Artie down the Well, or whether there was a change of heart on Arties behalf, we didnt know. What we did know was that the Well was directly above a stream that ran through the heart of the hills, deep underground, a stream that worked its way through a cave system so intricate it was like a mess of capillaries and veins. When Amy read the last of the journals, and we both realised what had passed between the two of them, she spoke bitterly. “I knew it. ” “Knew what? ” “That a Voynich, that your family, put themselves first. ” I grew defensive. “We dont know that. All we know is that it was meant to be my Grandfather, not what happened after-“ “Are you stupid? ” “What? ” “At least I know about my family. We might lie or cheat or steal but we do it for each other, the people we love, I know that - but you, you have no idea about any of it. ” I could see her building up to something, as if some storm was growing inside her. “Well now whatever it is, is threatening my family. The people I love. Whatever it is down there, whatever it wants – Im going to find out. ” And with that, she stood up, scattering the loose pages of the journals around her feet, and left. I was in shock for a moment, thinking about why this had happened. I imagined the way her mother must have talked about Artie, her mothers grief she must only be able to see glimpses of as if through a keyhole, her whole childhood, whole life, knowing that it had to do with Arties friend but never knowing what. And now finding out that it was because of a coward and a liar, and seeing that cowards flesh-and-blood defend his actions when he knew nothing of what those actions actually meant. I wanted to apologise. I ran after Amy, but she was already gone, and had left footprints in the wet earth leading up the Hills. I followed, trying to run but each step made my feet sink deeper and deeper into the mud. I could feel the muscles in my legs begin to tire, and just when I thought Id have to stop, and Id lose her, I saw the opening to a cave. The cave. I didnt hesitate and went straight in, shouting her name, crouching to fit through the tighter squeezes. I was going too fast, though, and before long I realised that Id taken a couple of turns on instinct. That I had no idea where I was. Not only that, but Id lost Amy. Somewhere along the way, with all these twists and turns, Id lost her. When I tried to turn back it was clear that I was lost. Completely, and utterly lost. There was a light that seemed to come from within the reflection on the rocks, as if in that mirror-world everything was illuminated by some ghostly glow. In turn, the glow from the reflection cast a dim light over the tunnels I was in. The rock was wet to the touch, and as I progressed further and further in the cave began to shrink, like the tapering of a throat, and I found myself bending more and more to fit through gaps. I couldnt go back. I tried calling for Amy, but my voice echoed hopelessly until it faded out – mocking me. There was another sound, in between the echoes. Something like a scrambling, and a panting far away. I had an image of the stag following our scent, some drowned thing soaked to core and rotting, stalking me. I could see it now, all sinew and soil, relentless, hungry. I tried to push it from my mind. I kept on. Whenever Id press myself against a rock to squeeze past, or have to crouch under a low hanging ceiling Id see a reflection just for a second only millimetres away, except, it wouldnt be my face, but the face of someone else; distorted, pale, gaunt. My Grandfather, my father, Artie, Dot, and then faces I didnt recognise: a boy who had my face but Amys nose, a woman with a scar that split her face in two. And each time I grew closer to the rock faces would leer at me, examine me with their dead eyes. Once or twice I was sure I saw Amy. But I couldnt have. Just when I thought that I must have found myself in some huge loop, that I would be stuck underground for the rest of my life, endlessly stalking these caves, seeing the faces of everyone Id ever known staring back at me, I stumbled out- And onto the shore. In front of me there lay a vast and black ocean, shored by grey slate that burst from the earth at severe angles. As with the cave, I couldnt tell where the light was coming from, only that I could see well enough to make out a small boat on shore. And in that boat: Artie, and Amy. I made my way down the slate, cautiously, testing each step with my weight before committing. They hadnt seen me yet, and whilst I was sure they werent watching I bent down and picked up a long, hard piece of stone. I thought, if needed, if Amy had somehow been turned like Artie, I could at least try and use this to fend them off. It was a dark thought, and Im not proud of it, but the feeling of the stone in my hand at least gave me some sort of comfort. But even when they saw me they did not react, and instead seemed entirely focused on their own, private conversation. In between the sound of the waves, in that lull when one crested and smashed into the shore and another began to swell behind it, I could hear something in the distance; something like voices, screaming and bellowing over each other so that it became one awful sound. But it was only present for a moment at a time, and each time Id try to tune in to it a wave would crash, and Id lose it. When I grew close enough to see their faces, I slipped the stone into my pocket. Just in case. I finally reached the boat, at the end of a stone pier. It was a small, black craft that bobbed aimlessly in the water. Artie sat at the front, holding an oar in each hand. He looked to me. “You look just like your Grandfather. ” I watched a private smile play over his face and couldnt help but see Amy in the expression. “Well, whatre you waiting for? Get in. ” His voice was deep and rasping, the consequence of years of drink and smoking no doubt, but there was no malice there. If anything it was the same tone parents use with their children; caring, impatient. I looked to Amy. She nodded. And so I got into the craft, sitting on the only other bench, so that I was pressed against Amy and facing Artie. I could see his face properly now, all the crags and trenches of old age, the yellowing of his cornea, the way his teeth were stained a slight brown. He cracked a grin, and it seemed like every single one of his teeth was at its own angle. And, hunching over and yanking his shoulders back in one motion, he began to row us out to sea. As we rowed further and further out, the shouting got louder, and, in the distance I could just make out what seemed to a huge, dark pillar. Dark, and crooked. The boat seemed just about to capsize at any moment, but each time I thought a huge black wave would sweep us all off the deck the boat would bob just above it, and wed keep moving forward. My hands grew clammy. I didnt want to think of what lay below us, what things lived and died in the depths of this underground sea. Sometimes, a way away, the surface would break as if something was coming up for air. As we grew closer to the crooked thing it came into focus: a tower. I could make out tiny figures running to and fro, and realised that the crooked tower was ringed by dozens of wooden construction platforms, which went in a spiral all the way to the top – like the slide on a helter-skelter. The thing was staggeringly huge, but I had no frame of reference to compare it too, only that it emerged from the water and rose up as far as I could see. Artie spoke up. “Babel. ” I raised an eyebrow. “Sorry? ” We were growing closer now, and I could see that in fact the figures were running up and down the structure, grabbing pieces of rotten, black wood from the base and sprinting their way to the top, somewhere so high I could barely make it out. “The Tower of Babel. ” Artie said. “This sea keeps rising, and they keep building. If not-“ And as if on cue, a short woman at the bottom bent to grab a piece of the platform that had just been submerged and something grabbed her wrist. She struggled for a second or two, screaming in some incomprehensible tongue before she was pulled head-first under the waves. The builders around her didnt even look, and kept shouting in their own, private languages, hauling wood from just above the water to the very top. Amy gave a start, spoke up, and the boat rocked. “Why dont we help them? Offer some a chance to get off, to come with us? ” I didnt even know where we were going, let alone trust any of them enough to offer them a space in this already-cramped boat. Artie shook his head. “They couldnt understand you even if we tried. Theyre cursed to never understand each other, no matter how hard they try, to perpetually build up and up and up to escape the rising water - surrounded by people, but alone. Alone, and scared, and trying to comprehend all” he gestured up, to the tower, to the dark above it “this. ” There was another scream, and all I could see was the wake of another builder pulled into the water. A small pool of white froth, then nothing. “Some say we once all spoke the same language, and using that true language we tried to build a tower to God. They say this is His punishment. ” Amy looked to him, and the way she hung on his words was like she was making up for all their lost time; she was a child again, at his feet by the fire, in awe at his age and grace. “Im not sure I believe that entirely, but theyve got to have done somethin to end up here, I suppose. ” “Is that where were going? ” Artie laughed. A black, harsh sound. “Not for you, boy. Maybe at the end of it all youll find yourself washed up on the Tower, but for now, youre needed somewhere else. ” We adjusted our course slightly, and began to move past the Tower. The screams and bellows began to fade. I turned to watch it disappear; the thousands of people desperately trying to build it, the way it curved and bend under its own weight, the platforms like a wet skeleton, the way it let out a thunderous creak every now and again as if its very core was splintering. “Our families made a pact with forces down here. Many did. Maybe it was after the original Tower fell. Maybe it was much later. All I know is that whatevers down here needs things from us. Offers gifts in return. ” His eyes glazed over for a second. Regret? A memory? “Its easy to get carried away. ” A scream near the top, someone carrying a huge plank staggered – the others couldnt wait, barged past, and they fell into the sea below. Into the jaws of something waiting. Something so large that when it moved it pulled the surface of the water after it, and for a second there was a huge, aqueous crater. For a second, I thought I could see a familiar stoop, just above eye level. Even though we were far away I was convinced that for a second Id seen Dot, but he was swallowed by the crowd before I could be sure. “Was that... Dot? ” Artie looked unfazed. “The man wasnt a saint, Max. I dont know, is the truth. Could be. ” I tried to see Dot again, but there was nothing. “Im sure that was... I mean – it looked like... ” Artie looked past me. “Im sorry it had to be like this, Max. ” I could tell that he meant it. “Im sorry about Dot drowning. He was a friend to your father, I know. It wasnt my choice, to do what we did to him. It had to have you here, you see. You have to do this. ” “Do what? ” “Youll see. And Amy, you know whats to come, and you think youre right? ” She paused for a moment, bit her lip. Nodded. “Alright. Alright. Theres no dissuading you, I suppose. ” She shook her head. “You know your ancestors tried to plot this place once, Max? A long, long time ago. Wrote it all down, but once the manuscript reached the surface it turned to nonsense. Gibberish. ” He paused, thinking but still rowing, his body at a steady rhythm. “Nothing down here makes much sense on the surface. Try explaining that-” he pointed to the Tower of Babel; to that endless, crooked tower “to anyone on the surface. There are very few who could understand it. ” I thought on this for a while, and as the Tower faded from view I could just start to make out a distant shore. Amy must have seen it too because she went a little pale, and I felt her body stiffen against mine. She was afraid. “Whatever happened between me and your Grandfather, you know its forgiven? ” He was saying this as much to me as to Amy. “In the scheme of things we were so young. We were drunk, and arrogant, and both of us couldnt bear the thought of a world without the other. We were meant to come down here, together, to meet the thing beneath the Hills and face it. But we argued, he wanted it to be him, I wanted it to be me. ” We were growing closer to the shore now, and I could tell Amy was nervous next to me, she was chewing her lip, running her hands through that bird-nest of hair, making silent words with her lips. “Whatever happened, happened. That was our turn. Now its yours. ” And we disembarked from the small boat, onto this new shore, and said our goodbyes to Artie. Something had passed between him and Amy, Im sure of it. All this time and Id have thought theyd have more to say to each other but they communicated in small looks and tilts of the head. He furrowed his brow, raised his eyebrows, and she nodded. She was sure. (He wasnt) He studied me for a long time, rubbing his jaw. I felt for a moment something piercing behind those eyes, something vicious and with the raw intelligence of a trapped animal. I felt him look past me, through me, into me. I did not know if he was seeing my Grandfather, or me – whatever it was, he didnt entirely trust me. Not yet. This all had the texture of a dream, and for a second I thought maybe it was, some fever dream Id wake up from in a weeks time, but a cold salt wind rolled off the water and buffeted me and I knew this was all real. Happening. Even though Ill dream of this, of this underground sea, and the crooked tower, and the great beasts, and Artie, for the rest of my life - I know it was real. It had to be. Slowly, wordlessly, Artie began to paddle back out into that vast sea, lifting his cap to us as he left. Amy squeezed my hand, so tight I thought a knuckle might pop and then let go. My hand twitched slightly, tried to find hers again for just a second but itd gone. She looked at me intensely, the same way her Grandfather just had, before walking ahead. “Keep up. ” I jogged to keep up with her fast pace, and I found myself slightly out of breath as we reached the top of the spit of rock. The tower was inaudible now, and all I could hear was the crash of the waves, and my breath. As we climbed up we drew closer and closer to what seemed to be two doorways hewn into the stone. There was no door, only a faint, flickering light that indicated there was something inside each of them. When we reached the two doorways Amy gave my hand one last squeeze. Looked at me as if she was memorising every last detail of my face. There was something else there, though. Was she scared? She turned away, and entered her own doorway. Still, to this day, I do not know what Amy saw in there. I dont think I ever will: all I know is that when I entered later, to do what I had to do, her cheeks would be wet with tears, and there would be blood on the stone. I entered my doorway, and found myself in a round, black chamber. A chamber made from something like obsidian, jagged and reflective and slick and somehow alive. The thing that dreams under the Hills reached into me. It reached into me, crawled up my spine and into my brain and spat black images onto my eyelids. I staggered under the weight of it, finding myself on my knees, head spinning, mouth dry and tasting like tar. I could see, on every wall in front of me, on every surface, hundreds of images, my father, my Grandfather, his father and his father before him, and people I somehow knew were my sons, and daughters, and their sons and daughters, until I could see my family stretching out for hundreds and hundreds of years either side of me, and I could see them all sin. I could see them all maim and lie and cheat and steal and beg and fight and hurt and wail and I could see it all as if it was happening this very second, and I could feel it, immediate, as if it had always been there. Images flickered on every available surface, on my eyelids, the walls, the palms of my hands. Scenes I could recognise: My Grandfather pushing Artie down the Well as they argued, pushing his chest and shouting over and over it should be me it should be me - my Grandfather a week later beating some poor man senseless because he looked like his old friend and he couldnt bear to see his face, the grief that began to live in the silence and the whistle of the kettle Scenes I couldnt: Someone who looked just like me, but far, far in the past, robbing a man in a back-street, cutting first his purse and then his stomach, and then his throat when he can see that he recognises him, leaving him to bleed out amongst the stench of shit and dirty water And I knew then that endlessly either side of me was suffering, and I could see my children who I did not know yet but already loved, suffering, and the thing that dreamt below the Hills offered me a way out. It was simple. All it needed was blood. It was the way it had always been. My Grandfather had been greedy. Wanted too much. The thing had only asked for something in return, and had been denied it. I could see Amy in her chamber, semi-comatose like me, the weight of generations bearing down on her. I could feel the piece of stone in my pocket, long and hard, and the thing showed me the image of Amys head – wet with blood, and how it was only that simple. It showed me Amy, dead. It had made it clear to me. It only wanted one thing. One thing and I could leave this place shedding memories like snakeskin, free of the weight of all of this- One thing and I could put this all to rest. One movement, precise and painless, and all of this grief, all of this horror could just fade away. Thoughts played in my mind, memories played across the obsidian surfaces like images projected on a screen; Maybe the reason nothing makes sense down here is because it shouldnt. Maybe its not only my right to kill her, but my duty. I tested the weight of the stone in my hand. I imagined how easy it would be, how small and fragile her skull must be beneath her skin. I thought of the vision Id had; the back of her head slick with blood. But my mind kept going, kept working, threw up more images. I saw her hunched in the rain outside my house. I saw the way she confessed she knew Gutter, as if shed revealed something ugly and real inside her. I saw her limp. The way she saw her Grandfather. The way she saw me. And I knew then that the thing under the Hills lied. It had lied to my Grandfather, and to his father, and to me. It did not offer any solution to this. It didnt have any, because there was none. And whilst it would never leave our families alone, whilst it would always dwell here, dream here, it would not make me a murderer. It would always find a way to offer a choice. That's how it has always been, and how it will always be. I just had to make the right one. Slowly, I forced my way to my feet, turned away from the images playing across every surface. I left my chamber, and walked to Amys. Every step sent fresh memories, fresh regrets, fresh wounds racing through me. I gritted my teeth. Kept going. She was sat in the corner, pale, wide-eyed, watching the entrance. When she saw me she flinched, for a second, but I held my hands up: empty. Her nose was bleeding, and it had dripped from her chin onto the floor. She must have taken a fall when she came in, when the weight of the memories of hundreds of years hit her all at once. She was bruised, and bleeding. But she was alive. And so together we left the chambers, climbed back down the stone shore and walked until we found an empty boat, and we rowed together back across that vast sea, and past the Tower, and went back through those wet tunnels, and I followed her the whole way – and as we got closer and closer to the surface we began to see light. Real light. I know now the thing under the Hills cant be sated. It will always be there. And it will be there for my children, and my childrens children, and their children in turn. And it will offer them a choice the way it always has, and it will promise pleasure, or riches, or love. And they will have to reckon with it the same way I did; will have to reckon with the mistakes of their forefathers, with the knowledge that our spirits will not rest, with the knowledge of all the grief and suffering that has passed and that is to come, and with the crooked Tower and that vast underground sea. But I hope when the thing beneath the Hills shows them my mistakes, and my fathers, and my Grandfathers, they will at least know one thing, no matter what they choose: They are not alone. They never have been. We made our way out of the cave-mouth, and collapsed into the light. We spent the next few days in the houses by the Well. We slept, ate, chopped wood to make fire, organised our Grandfathers journals, hunted rabbits, made stew. The forest was quiet – at rest. I brought it up one morning, as we gathered water from a nearby brook. “You and Artie – in the boat. He asked you if you were sure... Sure of what? ” Amy looked pained, as if she didnt want to say what was next: “Its nothing. It was nothing. ” “Amy? ” She rolled her eyes: fine then. “When I got to the boat he told me about the choice you had to make. The choice you had to make to atone for your Grandfather. ” “You knew? ” I thought of how Id felt the weight of the stone in my hand. “I knew what it would ask you. ” “And you knew what Id do, right? ” She shook her head. “I had a hunch. ” The brook chattered away happily to itself. She spoke again. “I trusted you, I guess. ” And as we made our way back, content and in comfortable silence, through the trees and the muted morning light, I noticed that the soil was no longer waterlogged. The storm had passed. And the earth beneath our feet was dry. x.

I use cast iron. I even still have an old cast iron teapot. I cant draw but I would first like to start by describing this character. (If anyone of you guys can draw please feel free to draw this character according to what I have described below) CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: His name is Adi Samapan (Adi = Beginning, while Samapan = Ending) He is an 18-year-old shaman from India but travels around the world helping other countries fight curses and evil curse users. He comes from an ancient tribe of early Hindus whose cursed techniques were dependent on Esoteric numerology, using dice rolls as a medium (this will be broken down further. Adi has very dark skin, purple eyes, wears all-white attire (sometimes known as the boy in white in his village) with long dark flowing hair, a bindi on his forehead in the shape of a crescent moon and a thin mustache and goatee. He is more of a reclusive kind of character in that he prefers to be by himself always praying and reading his holy books. This means he is a man of few words and sometimes comes off as rude given the fact that he is the last person from his tribe with the true knowledge of his ancestors and their teachings. In reality, he is a very caring person and believes we are all one. CHARACTER ABILITIES: This cursed technique is called "Numerological Dogma" and it is derived from the ancient belief that there are only numbers that exist from 1-9 with each single-digit having divine attributes to them. This technique is only activated by a pair of dice (One red and one blue) known as "Universal dice. When Adi rolls the two dice whichever two numbers appear on each dice, is combines and broken down to a single-digit within 1-9 giving Adi the esoteric abilities of said number. For example; Say the user of the dice rolls and gets a 6 on both dice, that number will be 66 which will further be broken down to 6 + 6= 12 then further broken down to 1 + 2 = 3. So each dice roll must represent a single-digit from 1-9. Example 2; The user rolls and gets the number 5 and 5 on both dice. This number will be 55 which will be broken down to 5+5 = 10 (which is still a double-digit number so it must be broken down further) this will now be 1+0= 1. (NOTE THE DICE CAN ONLY BE ROLLED AND BE EFFECTIVE FOR A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME) If the dice rolls on 1 the effect will last for 9mins. If it lands on 2 the effect will last for 8 mins. If it lands on 3 the effect or ability lasts for 7 mins. I THINK YOU GUYS GET THE POINT. ITS BASICALLY THE REVERSE OF NUMEROLOGY/OCCULT NUMBERS. THE DICE CAN ONLY BE USED 3 TIMES IN A DAY. IF THIS BRAHMAN/LAW IS BROKEN ADI WILL BE PUNISHED SPIRITUALLY. THIS PUNISHMENT CAN BE BLINDNESS FOR A YEAR OR PARALYSIS FOR A YEAR. EACH NUMBER AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE: Number 1: If the dice is rolled and it lands on the number 1, Adi will gain full positive energy and be able to heal himself for about 9mins. Number 2: This dice roll boosts his intuition to the point he is a genius at predicting his opponents' moves or attacks, being able to counter most attacks or fighting styles. This lasts for 8mins. Number 3: This dice roll gives Adi the ability to mold his cursed energy into a cursed weapon of his choice on the fly. So, for instance, he could be in a fight with hanami and in order to be most proficient in combat he needs a gun or flamethrower, his Juryoku/Cursed energy can be molded to suit. This lasts for 7mins. Number 4: This makes Adi one with the 4 major elements of nature, Earth, Water, Air, Fire. He's basically the Air bender for 6mins. Number 5: If this number is rolled then he loses his Juryoku and all physical attributes are boosted to about the same level as Toji. This lasts for 5mins. Number 6: As you all know there is a negative connotation to the number 6 or 666 as it is seen as the mark of the beast. This number according to my interpretation would represent 100% pure negativity so Adi's juryoku will cause him to go on a high of hatred and destruction, being able to shoot beams of cursed energy at an opponent without any care in the world. This lasts for 4mins unfortunately but come on he is pretty much satan for 4 mins LOL. This number is very problematic because rage and destruction can cause innocent people to be hurt or even killed. Number 7: This signifies perfect balance with his emotions and both his physical abilities and cursed energy. In this trance state of being Adi is inundated with pure intent and isnt likely to partake in a fight but instead is like a divine teacher or priest. He becomes a very kind and soft person in this state and is able to talk an opponent out of whatever bad deed they were about to commit. If a person is touched by him in this state they will instantly be put to sleep sending them into a heavenly dream state meeting spiritual beings of pure love. This lasts for 3 mins. Number 8: This number gives Adi the ability to steal or absorb his opponents' cursed energy for 2mins. (its his favorite number and he says that being able to absorb cursed energy is the best feeling in the world) Number 9: This is known as the number of GOD in many occult circles and it exists and doesnt exists at the same time. It the number of nothingness and everything all in one. This number puts him into direct contact with his GODLY being or the Brahman for 1minute. In this state, he can create anything into existence or completely erase something out of existence. (Keep in mind this isnt as OP as it seems. it can only work on ONE ITEM or PERSON of choice. So if he chose to bring back a dead person he can only bring them back but in the last state he saw them in before dying. If he chooses to delete someone's existence or the existence of something then himself and the people who knew about the deleted person or object will all forget it even existed to begin with. This number is very difficult to roll and only ever shows up rarely. Anyways, I would love to hear you guys' feedback and man if its possible I would loveeeee for someone to get this to Gege. Imange if this became a canon character much like Bubble girl became canon in MHA. ALSO I WOULD LOVEEEE IF SOMEONE COULD COME UP WITH A CHARACTER DESIGN FOR THIS CHARACTER.

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Dark waters 2019. This only just popped up on my feed, loved it, well done. Part 5: Sorry for the wait fellas, but part 6 is finally here! I hope I won't be as busy this week so part 7 won't take as long. This time we cover everything from literal garbage to Bisharp's estranged cousin who became a cat. Have fun! Also, if Arena Trap gets banned in the very near future, Dugtrio will get covered a second time later in the series, don't worry. GARBODOR Garbodors mediocre all-around stats with a largely unremarkable movepool leaves it without any real niches to cling onto. As a defensive Poison type, it fails to do much with its only average bulk and lack of instant recovery, while its lack of setup moves and mediocre 95 attack make offensive sets unviable as well. Garbodor carves out a tiny niche as a hazard lead with its access to Spikes and Toxic Spikes in conjunction with Weak Armor and Explosion, and it can select its last move depending on what other threat you want to beat. In the end though, if youre looking for a Poison-type on your team, Garbodor is literal garbage on all levels—even the visual one. Garbodor @ Focus Sash Ability: Weak Armor EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature -Spikes -Toxic Spikes -Explosion -Drain Punch/Seed Bomb/Gunk Shot/Haze This set turns Garbodor into a mediocre but fringe viable suicide lead for hyper offense teams. Focus Sash allows you to live any one hit when setting hazards, after which Weak Armor will give you a +2 boost to your speed so you can set another or use Explosion to prevent Defog or Rapid Spin. Do note that unlike other hyper offensive suicide leads, Garbodor does not have a way to prevent the opponent from setting up hazards. One layer of Toxic Spikes is usually enough against offensive teams while defensive teams will be more inconvenienced by multiple, but try to prioritize setting regular Spikes first, especially if the opponent has a grounded Poison-type. The last moveslot allows you to pick what other lead you beat. Drain Punch is your best option against Excadrill. Seed Bomb is there for Seismitoad. Gunk Shot is just an all-around powerful move because of STAB and while it has many resists, you can hit lead Clefable with it and also punish opposing lead Grimmsnarl who Taunt you to prevent hazard setting. Haze removes the opponents stat boosts when they try to set up on Garbodor, but this leaves you with only Explosion as a way to directly damage them. CENTISKORCH Centiskorch is no Volcarona. While it has a very potent setup move in Coil, its lacking speed (which isnt even boosted by Coil) coupled with a lack of recovery and unfavourable meta trends leave it an unviable sweeper. Whereas Volcarona had some hard stops to it, notably Toxapex, it could absolutely dominate matchups where these were not present or eventually removed by teammates—you can hardly say the same about Centiskorch. Coil sets are simply not viable, though they could have worked if Game Freak had just given it a better speed tier, since its physical coverage is quite nice. What people do use Centiskorch for is a specially defensive RestTalk set. This set checks an interesting range of Pokémon like Life Orb Dragapult, Hatterene and most notably Life Orb Clefable with invested special bulk. Fire Lashs defense drops also prevent you from becoming too passive and helps teammates tackle walls like Toxapex more easily. This set is hard to fit on teams though, and has been steadily dropping in viability with Life Orb Clefable becoming less common of a set, but is by no means unusable as a special sponge. Centiskorch @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Flash Fire EVs: 252 HP / 236 SpD / 20 Spe Careful Nature -Rest -Sleep Talk -Fire Lash -Knock Off/Power Whip/Lunge Heavy-Duty Boots are mandatory because taking 50% or more just by switching in kind of invalidates you as a defensive check. Flash Fire is used as an ability to grant immunity to Clefables Fire Blast, but it also allows you to become a decent check to offensive variants of Cinderace and wall Flareon. RestTalk is required to stay healthy with Centiskorch, as you have no other options to regain health. Fire Lash is your most reliable STAB move that nothing likes switching into. Its defense drops mean you can eventually break through many bulky Pokémon, but a Seismitoad or Toxapex with lowered defense becomes much more manageable for Centiskorchs teammates too. Knock Off is your overall best option in your last moveslot, allowing you to deal the most damage to Toxapex and Dragapult yourself while also annoying many a defensive wall by removing its item. On the other hand, stay as far away as possible from Knock Off yourself. Dont try to punish Mandibuzz by removing its Heavy-Duty Boots—its a trap! Mandi values its Boots, sure, but you should even more. Knock Off might be your best option but its far from your only one. Power Whip is your best move to hit bulky Waters like Seismitoad and Rotom-Wash on the switch, though staying in against them is not recommended. Lunge, on the other hand, lowers opponents Attack, widening the range of Pokémon you can check by including some physical attackers like Conkeldurr lacking Bulk Up, non-Stone Edge Mamoswine and Sirfetchd. It also allows you to hit Hydreigon and Obstagoon for the most damage, but you should switch out against the latter because of Knock Off. 20 speed allows you to outspeed uninvested Corviknight while you still have enough special bulk to stomach two Specs Dragapult Draco Meteors at full health. COALOSSAL Welcome to this generations “iT hAs SpIn AnD sTeAlTh RoCk In OnE sO iT oP” mon, sticking around in UU while it has no business there at all. At least Cramorant, the other major noobtrap mon there, is borderline viable at C. Coalossal doesnt really cut it in OU either. Despite your good bulk, youre incredibly passive and have one of the worst defensive typings in all of Pokémon. A specially defensive set could be used to check Fairy-types like Clefable, but you dont have recovery and Centiskorch, Arcanine and Flareon generally do that much better. 80 attacking stats will not threaten much and make even Steam Engine sets completely unviable. Guess well have to move on from coal as an energy source even in the Pokémon world. Coalossal @ Heavy-Duty Boots EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD Careful Nature -Stealth Rock -Rapid Spin -Heat Crash -Heavy Slam/Spikes/Stone Edge This set attempts to compress the roles of hazard setter, remover and Fairy check into one. Heavy-Duty Boots are required to offset your massive hazard weakness even if it leaves you with a glaring lack of recovery. Coalossal is thus best partnered with a Wish passer, but considering the kinds of teams troll mons like this are usually found, perhaps Cramorant and Eiscue make for better partners. Stealth Rock is an almost necessary asset for every competitive team, while Rapid Spin gives the hazard removal thats almost just as necessary as well. The combination of Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin on one mon that isnt walled by Corviknight gives Coalossal a tiny niche that make its use justifiable on highly specialized teams that really cant afford anything else. Heat Crash is your best STAB move—because of Coalossals fucktonnic weight, its often has 120 BP to remedy its poor base 80 attack. Its most effective against Corviknight and Ferrothorn in particular. Heavy Slam is there to deal more damage to defensive Fairy-types, mostly Clefable, Alcremie and Sylveon, to capitalize on your ability to switch in on them relatively easily with maximum special bulk. Spikes give you a secondary hazard to set because you can only set one layer of Stealth Rock and Im quite sure you would want your Pokémon to be useful for more than one turn. Stone Edge is your option for Mandibuzz that want to Defog your hazards away. If running Stone Edge, I recommend using 12 Speed EVs: that way, you can use Rapid Spin twice against Mandibuzz to outspeed it and actually beat it with Stone Edge, as otherwise it can Roost to no longer be weak to it and eventually stall its 8 PP out. DIGLETT Surprised to see this here? Well, currently Diglett has a tiny niche in OU as a co-trapper alongside Dugtrio. Debate has sparked on whether Diglett itself would be a capable enough revenge killer with Choice Band to replace Dugtrio after a ban, mostly to see whether Arena Trap is banworthy or only Duggy is. But as for now, Choice Band Diglett is completely outclassed by Dugtrio, giving it only one viable set to work with. Screech Diglett can spam the move against anything it traps, die, then allow Dugtrio to finish the job—this is a highly effective strategy that allows the duo to take down just about every grounded Pokémon in the metagame. Mind, though, that double trapping is a very niche strategy that few non-Stall teams are actually able to afford, and it still requires quite some support since Diglett without Sash loses a lot of its utility. Diglett @ Focus Sash Ability: Arena Trap EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature -Screech -Earthquake -Rock Slide -Reversal The star of the ‘EARFQUAKE stall team that peaked the ladder in the early meta, Screech Diglett. After using two Screeches on the opposing mon, Band Dugtrio can trap about anything in the meta, even shit like physically defensive Ferrothorn, Arctovish and Galarian Corsola, though that last one can't actually be trapped unless your opponent doesn't know about game mechanics. Other than that, it can still function as a mini-Dugtrio to trap and remove Toxtricity and Centiskorch, on top of weakened Tyranitar and Excadrill. Its also an option to deal with weakened threats that neither Diglett or Dugtrio can OHKO but that Diglett can still 2HKO, so you dont have to waste Dugtrios Sash or risk it dying when it has Choice Band. Using Diglett as a standalone mon is not recommended at all—while you can tailor its set to beat many Pokémon (CB beats most non-Cinderace things Dugtrio does as well, just requires more chip, while SubProtect sets can take out defensive mons with Toxic Spikes support and play mindgames with Ferrothorn) Dugtrio does literally all of that strictly better. Also dont bother with Eviolite, you have the second lowest HP in all of Pokémon (only beating Shedinja which is a living gimmick) and your other defensive stats are lower than base forme Deoxys. DUGTRIO Trapping is a very controversial part of the metagame. So controversial, a lot of people argue it should not be in the meta at all, outside of maybe Magnet Pull. Lets face it—Dugtrio is overall a pretty horrible Pokémon. Its fast, sure, but its movepool is shallow, its Attack mediocre and its bulk downright atrocious. But Arena Trap carries this thing into almost top viability. It doesnt really matter that you lose to half the meta when you beat the other half 100% of the time by preventing their ability to switch. Dugtrios 100 Attack with STAB Earthquake is just powerful enough to take out a decent amount of threats with Choice Band, all backed up by a blistering Speed stat that outspeeds even Cinderace. Furthermore, its an amazing revenge killer—if something is weakened and outsped, you dont get to switch that mon out for a more ideal situation later in the game, you lose that mon, period. Unlike in other generations, were Dugtrio mainly belonged on Stall because of its opportunity cost, it now fits on pretty much every archetype. It doesnt really have to pick what it has to beat anymore either—Choice Band is by far its best set now, though Focus Sash is still possible, especially when partnered with Diglett. Do note that with all the discussion about Arena Trap and Dugtrio, the set provided might very well get banned in like a week. Dugtrio @ Choice Band/Focus Sash Ability: Arena Trap EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature -Earthquake -Stone Edge -Sucker Punch -Memento/Stealth Rock/Reversal Choice Band Dugtrio is able to trap and KO a large variety of threats. The most notable of these are Excadrill, Tyranitar, Toxtricity, Flareon, Toxapex, Centiskorch and defensive Clefable, but pretty much any non-grounded Ghost is dead once its within range of its attacks. Earthquake is there for STAB, Stone Edge hits Rotom-Heat and Mandibuzz (though you do not trap them) Sucker Punch hits Dragapult (though once again you dont trap that. The last slot gives a number of options. Memento allows Dugtrio to sack itself when its utility is mostly over, allowing a teammate almost free setup. Stealth Rock allows you to put the hazard out as a parting gift or when faced with an opponent that cant hurt it, like Scarf Rotom locked into Volt Switch. Stealth Rock is only recommended on Focus Sash sets. Reversal is your strongest bet against Ferrothorn and once again synergizes amazingly well with Sash, doing over 80% at max power. Do note that if youre at max power, Iron Barbs will take you down with it. Band is generally the most consistent item, but Sash is an option if you want to run Stealth Rock or Reversal. Two non-boosted moves are stronger than one Band-boosted one, but youll need quite some hazard control to actually keep your Sash active. EXCADRILL Dem drillz Excadrill is an amazing Pokémon in SWSH OU. Its monstrous 135 Attack coupled with STAB Earthquake and Mold Breaker to shit on the Rotoms make it a terrifying offensive threat no matter what set it runs. On teams with Hippowdon and Tyranitar, it can even forgo Mold Breaker for Sand Rush, allowing it to zoom around the meta at lightspeed and actually sweep with Swords Dance rather than just breaking a wall and risking a revenge kill. The prevalence of Corviknight and Mach Punch Conkeldurr hold Excadrill back, but in the end theyre just the reason its A+ and not S. It is able to fill many roles on a team, be it a suicide lead, Swords Dance breaker, Choice Band breaker, Choice Scarf revenge killer or a Swords Dance Sand Rush sweeper. If youre not running some crazy defensive team, slapping an Excadrill on it is pretty much never a bad choice. Excadrill @ Focus Sash Ability: Mold Breaker EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe Hasty Nature -Earthquake -Stealth Rock -Rapid Spin -Steel Beam/Rock Tomb This is the standard suicide lead Excadrill set and the embodiment of Hyper Offense itself. Its simple but remarkably effective; this set pretty much dictates what leads are viable and which ones arent, and the main reason you cant just slap a Sash on whatever Stealth Rock user you want and get a viable lead. Set Stealth Rock, Spin your opponents hazards away, hit stuff really hard with Earthquake (even without a boosting item its crazy strong) and when you want momentum, kill yourself with Steel Beam. Do not expect Steel Beam to be overwhelmingly strong. Rock Tomb is another option that gives a notably better matchup against Ribombee (since you dont have to, well, kill yourself to beat it) and slows down opponents for your teammates to take advantage of. Its also your best way to prevent Gyarados from setting up on you. Do note that giving up the free momentum and Defog blocking from Steel Beam is a bigger cost than you might think at first. Other than dunking on Rotom formes, Mold Breaker is also a way to bypass Magic Bounce users while setting Stealth Rock. Excadrill @ Life Orb/Leftovers Ability: Mold Breaker/Sand Rush EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly/Adamant Nature -Swords Dance -Earthquake -Iron Head -Rapid Spin/Rock Slide Swords Dance Excadrill is a menace because of its amazing matchup against Toxapex and the Rotom formes (assuming Mold Breaker. Sand Rush is a possibility with Adamant to become incredibly fast under Sand and slightly stronger, though youll have to rely on 60BP moves to hit the Rotoms without Rock Slide. Earthquake is your unmissable STAB move. Iron Head is your other STAB that hits defensive Fairies, Mandibuzz, Hydreigon and can occasionally cheese you a win with a lucky flinch. Rapid Spin allows you to double as a hazard remover and is unironically a decent move against Rotoms when youre Sand Rush: a +2 Rapid Spin is able to 2HKO offensive Rotom when youre either Life Orb or Adamant. Talking about natures, Jolly is preferable on Mold Breaker sets to outspeed the Rotoms while Sand Rush variants can afford Adamant. Even Mold Breaker sets can use Rapid Spin from time to time to pick off weakened threats, because the speed boost can be appreciated to pull off a sweep late-game. Rock Slide is your strongest move against Corviknight, slightly stronger against Mandibuzz than Iron Head, and outpowers Rapid Spin against the Rotoms (notably OHKOing all Rotom-Heat at +2. Excadrill @ Choice Band/Choice Scarf Ability: Mold Breaker Jolly Nature -Earthquake -Iron Head -Rock Slide -Rapid Spin Band Excadrill is a menace that very few Pokémon can afford to switch in on. Physically defensive Corviknight is the closest one, only being 3HKOed at best with Rock Slide. On the other hand, with a Choice Scarf equipped, Excadrill hits a decent speed tier that allows it to revenge kill a slew of threats with its still powerful STAB Earthquake. Iron Head is once again there for Fairies. Rock Slide is your best bet against Flying-types like Mandibuzz and Gyarados but also hits Rotom formes the hardest on a Sand Rush set. Rapid Spin is there to double as a hazard remover, but do note being locked into it is subideal. While Choiced Excadrill is best ran with Mold Breaker, technically an Adamant Sand Rush Band set could be viable too. GIGALITH While Gigalith is an amazing mon in lower tiers with its access to Sand Stream, in OU its nothing special. Its generally considered an inferior setter for Sand teams to Hippowdon, who has recovery. As an offensive setter its almost always outclassed by Tyranitar. Gigalith might have fewer weaknesses, but it lacks Tyranitars movepool, actually usable speed and resistance to Ghost for a chance to switch in on Dragapult with some prediction. Gigalith is not unusable, but more often than not an outclassed choice. Gigalith @ Leftovers/Smooth Rock Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 252 HP / 172 Atk / 84 Spe Adamant Nature -Stealth Rock -Stone Edge -Heavy Slam -Earthquake/Superpower Gigalith is a usable Sand setter, be it an often outclassed one. 84 speed allows you to outspeed Toxapex, while your HP is generally more important than your Attack to deserve the remaining EVs. Stealth Rock is a great move and Gigalith makes for a decent user for its great matchup against the Magic Bouncers and Mandibuzz. Stone Edge is your best offensive move and really powerful against neutral threats with your base 135 attack, even if you lack full investment. Heavy Slam is your best move against defensive Fairy-types and Hatterene. The lack of a Fairy weakness and access to such a powerful Steel move gives it an overall pretty positive matchup against them, a notable niche that Tyranitar doesnt have. For your last slot, you have the choice between Earthquake and Superpower. Earthquake does the best job against Toxapex and is strong enough to disdain opposing Excadrill from switching in. Superpower is an alternative option that still nails Excadrill but has a notably better damage output for Ferrothorn. Do note it makes you pure Toxapex bait and will often force you to switch with its stat drops. Leftovers give you passive recovery, but Swords Dance Excadrill generally greatly appreciate extra sand turns provided by Smooth Rock. CONKELDURR MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA So its the same kind of Pokémon as Machamp. Conkeldurr is generally the best Guts user in the tier, outclassing Machamp because of a couple reasons. For one, its slightly higher 140 attack puts it ahead of Machamp in terms of raw power and greatly ahead of Obstagoon. Do note that this raw power difference is only really notable when running Close Combat, because Drain Punchs 75BP might make this less visible than you might think. Conkeldurr generally also has pretty good bulk and some decent survivability with Drain Punch. But most notably, Mach Punch allows you to revenge kill highly threatening Pokémon like Excadrill, Hydreigon and Obstagoon and gives you a much better option against Dugtrio and other faster threats. While it has a pretty bad case of 4MSS, its consistent damage output, ability to revenge kill Hydreigon and decent versatility award Conkeldurr a spot on many teams. Conkeldurr @ Flame Orb Ability: Guts EVs: 132 HP / 252 Atk / 124 Spe Adamant Nature -Drain Punch/Close Combat -Mach Punch -Earthquake -Bulk Up/Poison Jab/Payback/Close Combat Drain Punch is generally your best Fighting STAB move because of the longevity it gives you, and its generally still powerful enough to put large dents into neutral targets and force Corviknight and Hippowdon into using recovery moves. Close Combat is another option for the sheer power upgrade, dealing nuclear damage to anything that doesnt resist it and allows it to actually break through Hippowdon with consistency. Mach Punch is there to deal with faster threats and give you a safety net against threats like Excadrill, Obstagoon and Hydreigon to ruin their chances at sweeping. Earthquake is there mostly for Toxapex, which you otherwise have few options against. Your last slot is extremely versatile. Bulk Up turns you into a decent wincon and allows you to beat Corviknight and Hippowdon without forgoing Drain Punch. Poison Jab is your best bet against Fairies—it prevents you from being a free switch-in for Togekiss, OHKOes Sylveon and Clefable (the latter often even before Guts activates) and also deals better with Grimmsnarl and Hatterene. Payback OHKOes Dragapult, but Earthquake hits it pretty strong too and you dont live a Specs Draco Meteor without dropping most of your Attack investment either way. Close Combat is also an option for your last moveslot if you want its raw power without giving up Drain Punch. SWOOBAT Swoobat got Nasty Plot, people! Too bad it no longer has access to Simple. Simple Nasty Plot with Stored Power and your blazing speed could have made you a niche but cool sweeper, but right now your best set is literally a Klutz Trick one. Your decent coverage and high speed do not remedy your piss-poor bulk, awful typing and horrid Special Attack to make a Nasty Plot set worth it—at least not with a Nasty Plot only granting +2 instead of +4. Swoobat @ Sticky Barb Ability: Klutz EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature -Trick -Heat Wave -U-Turn -Psychic/Energy Ball/Knock Off Trick a Sticky Barb onto something and have fun. For those wondering, Iron Ball is specifically coded to ignore Klutzs effects, so thats not worth it. After youve trick your Sticky Barb away (and likely even before that) youre pretty useless. Heat Wave is ran as your attacking move to hit an unsuspecting Ferrothorn or Excadrill, but dont expect to hit Corviknight hard enough for a 2HKO. U-Turn is a switch-out for momentum. whatever momentum you can get, because you dont exactly force many switches and youre not even a slow U-Turn. Your last slot desperately tries to squeeze some more utility out of you. Psychic is your general STAB move for neutral targets and hits Toxapex decently hard. only barely 2HKOing. Energy Ball is there for Seismitoad, if they bother to stay in against you. Knock Off allows you to remove items, something pretty rare nowadays, but you reduce the damage of your teammates Knock Offs. NOIVERN Hello, worse Dragapult. Noivern @ Choice Specs Ability: Infiltrator EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature -Hurricane -Draco Meteor -Flamethrower -U-Turn/Focus Blast Generally speaking, Noivern is almost strictly outclassed by Dragapult. Its bulkier, stronger on both sides, faster, has a better movepool, an arguably better typing and is much more versatile. Noivern has a couple things to try and set it apart, though. Hurricane is a more consistent STAB move than Draco Meteor that hits Mandibuzz and Toxapex without lowering your Special Attack. Its hard to say how reliable it is though, since 70% accuracy almost begs for a game-losing miss. Still, you keep Draco Meteor as a more powerful STAB move for revenge killing purposes. While you lack Fire Blast, Flamethrower is still a strong option for Steel-types like Corviknight and Ferrothorn. U-Turn gives you a momentum option for predicted switches, while Focus Blast is another thing you have over Dragapult that OHKOes Tyranitar. Noivern @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Infiltrator EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature -Taunt -Defog -Roost -Flamethrower/Hurricane/U-Turn This is a support Noivern set borrowed from Dragon Monotype. A supportive Taunt+Defog set is another small thing Noivern has over Dragapult, though the set still peforms rather mediocrely. Taunt allows you to prevent hazard setters from setting new ones as you try to Defog them away. While you still struggle to beat many ones 1v1, youre generally aiming to just keep hazards away and leave your teammates with the hard work. Roost is there to stay healthy. Your last slot is your only chance at an attacking option at this point. Flamethrower gives you the best matchup against the Steel-type hazard setters, namely Ferrothorn and Excadrill. Hurricane is there for general powerful STAB and your best option for Seismitoad. U-Turn lets you switch out for momentum after Taunting and Defogging but leaves Noivern itself incredibly passive. When running this, go for a Jolly nature. STEELIX Despite that monstrous 200 Defense, Steelix is not the defensive behemoth one would expect it to be. Its Steel/Ground typing is quite poor in a metagame riddled with Excadrill, Conkeldurr, Dracovish and Fire coverage. Steelixs special bulk is also atrociously low, leaving it vulnerable to common special attackers like Dragapult and reducing its ability to switch in on Pokémon like Hatterene and Toxtricity, even if it resists their moves. While that Ground typing could be nice to block Volt Switch, Steelix unfortunately loses to all the Rotom formes and doesnt appreciate a Specs Toxtricitys Boomburst either. Steelix is also atrociously slow and lacks recovery, and this 20-something-meter snake only has a poor base Attack of 85, leaving it quite passive against stuff it doesnt hit super effectively unless it opts for Body Press. Steelix is a cool Pokémon, but dont expect too much from it. Steelix @ Leftovers Ability: Sturdy/Rock Head EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Impish Nature -Stealth Rock -Earthquake -Heavy Slam -Body Press/Head Smash This set attempts to turn Steelix into a decent physical wall with Stealth Rock utility. Its generally better to get that monstrous Defense as high as possible while maximizing Body Press damage. Full specially defensive investment is still an option to dodge the 3HKO from Scarf Toxtricitys Boomburst. After Stealth Rock, Earthquake is your best STAB move because its high base power patches up your low Attack. It notably hits Toxtricity super effectively, but also hits Excadrill quite hard. Do note that without investment it merely 3HKOes Toxapex, which outspeeds you. Heavy Slam is your next best STAB option for bulky Fairies like Clefable, Hatterene and Sylveon. Do note that all three of these generally carry Fire coverage, meaning hitting them on the switch is generally better, but you normally outspeed Hatterene unless it runs speed EVs. Gyro Ball is not recommended because the Fairies are pretty slow this time around. For the last slot, Body Press actually deals some decent damage with all that Defense investment, notably OHKOing Excadrill and Bisharp, which Earthquake narrowly misses out on. Do note its still a non-STAB 80BP move, so dont expect to hit defensive Pokémon like Corviknight hard. Rock Head Smash has a chance to 2HKO Mandibuzz, but to do it reliably you would have to have its Boots Knocked Off by a teammate, and it can generally use Roost to stall the moves PP out. If not running Head Smash, Sturdy is generally the better ability despite its rather situational use. BARRASKEWDA Barraskewda would have been a terrifying addition in the lineage of scary Swift Swim sweepers. Monstrous 123 Attack, a ton of coverage options, blazing speed that gives you lightspeed in Rain but still leaves you very fast outside of it, et cetera. However, the meta has not been kind to Barraskewda at all. Defensive checks to Water-types are very prevalent because of Dracovish while its extreme frailty leaves it very vulnerable to priority like Durants First Impression and Conkeldurrs Mach Punch. While Barraskewda is certainly strong, it struggles to OHKO many Pokémon it doesnt hit super effectively, which is a huge burden because this thing is not tanking any attacks. It looks amazing on paper, but in practice, the general Rain team often prefers other Swift Swimmers like Ludicolo. Barraskewda @ Life Orb/Choice Band Ability: Swift Swim EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Adamant Nature -Liquidation/Waterfall -Psychic Fangs -Close Combat -Aqua Jet/Crunch Barraskewda is a great breaker on Rain teams, softening up defensive mons like Ferrothorn and Seismitoad for its teammates, and can sweep weakened teams with ease if Rain is up. Still, try to avoid stuff that likes to hit back because your bulk is about the same as Spindas. Liquidation is your strongest physical Water STAB. Some people will say Waterfall is better for the 20% flinch chance, but fishing for flinches is usually a bad idea because if you DONT get the flinch, youre pretty much guaranteed to die. Psychic Fangs is your best coverage move, 2HKOing Toxapex with Choice Band while 2HKOing over 90% after the time after Stealth Rock with Life Orb. Close Combat is your best move against Ferrothorn, scoring a OHKO with Band on specially defensive sets with LO still doing over 80. Aqua Jet is there to revenge kill fast stuff outside of Rain, like Scarf Rotom formes, but also allows you to dodge Bisharps Sucker Punch with good prediction or handle a very weakened Conkeldurr. Crunch is your best coverage option against Jellicent and Dragapult while 2HKOing Corsola-G outside of rain if its Eviolite has been removed. Life Orb allows you to switch moves and leaves you harder to wall even if the opponent predicts well. Choice Band is an option for raw power that doesnt whittle away at your health as quickly. PERRSERKER Imagine Bisharp. Then imagine it has Tough Claws. Really nice, right? Now, imagine everything that makes Bisharp good is gone. Which means an even worse speed tier, no Sucker Punch, no Dark STAB in general and no Defiant (because youre Tough Claws. You pretty much have Perrserker then. Perrserker is a pretty terrible mon because of its horrible speed and bad bulk, and it doesnt have a set of cool tools like Defiant and Sucker Punch that make Bisharp, a Steel-type with similar bulk and low speed, good. Perrserker can run a Swords Dance set thats pretty hard to switch into with Tough Claws and its wide coverage, and U-Turn gives it a tiny niche. In the end, though, Perrserker is completely worthless in OU. Dont even bother with Trick Room, Copperajah is the much better Steel-type there. Actually Copperajah is likely better outside of Trick Room too. Perrserker @ Life Orb Ability: Tough Claws EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant/Jolly Nature -Swords Dance -Iron Head -Close Combat -U-Turn/Play Rough/Throat Chop Because your bulk is not worth investing in, were running 252 speed EVs to outspeed uninvested Togekiss and 156 speed Tyranitar (which speed creeps Togekiss. After that, Adamant is preferred for a power boost, but Jolly allows you to outrun Adamant Crawdaunt, 176 speed Clefable and uninvested Kommo-o. Swords Dance gives you some decent power to try and break some fatter teams. Shame Toxapex is hard to overcome without flinch cheese. Iron Head is your best physical STAB move while Close Combat is there for the most damage against Steel-types like Ferrothorn and Excadrill. At +2, you even OHKO some Corviknight spreads. For the last move you have a couple options. U-Turn gives you momentum, something Bisharp cant really do, by switching out while dealing some decent damage while doing so. You can force some switches against defensive Fairies so the move is not completely useless. Play Rough is an option that OHKOes Kommo-o and best fits on Jolly sets, which are fast enough to outspeed defensive sets. Throat Chop is your best move to hit Jellicent and Corsola-G and OHKOes Dragapult on the switch. That was it for today, folks! Next time we're covering Persian and a bunch of mons after that one. Don't expect 30 dex slots, the Eeveelutions form a massive roadblock for that. Cya.

Dark waters movie. Dark waters. The only narrator with a genuinely good opening screen. Dark waters vladimir chromas. 51 million people clicked on this video because of the thumbnail Edit: This video has gone up 4 million views in 5 days. Dark waters rotten tomatoes. [Previous] p. First] f. A/N: Please consider supporting my writing efforts on Patreon. You can follow this story and be alerted when new chapters release via. “Ah, what a sight for sore eyes! Didn't realize how much I'd miss it until I left, ” Downes declared, stretching her hands over her head to ward off the remnants of sleep as she walked to the bow of the Pennsylvania. Her ships autopilot functions had improved significantly since her retrofit, leaving her free to interact with the rest of the fleet without worry. On that early morning she opted for what she hoped would not be her last conversation with Naka. “Good morning, ” the Sakura replied politely, looking out at what she knew would be her new prison. Downes nodded her way, coming to stand next to her. Minus the ears she was practically as tall as the light cruiser. “Nice to see that some things never change, ” she continued, looking out across the still waters to where Thorsons island base slowly grew closer, silhouetted by the rising sun as they approached it from the west. “Well, mostly never change, ” Downes admitted, squinting and just barely making out a structure atop the slopes that rose up behind the base that she knew had not been there on their departure. “Can I ask you something? ” Naka interrupted politely. “Huh? Yeah, of course! ” Downes replied. It was the first time the Sakura had ever asked her anything beyond the basics of who she was and where they were heading. “Why have you been so kind to me? You defeated me in combat. We are enemies. ” “Ah come off it, you sound like your sister! ” Downes adopted a posture as though she had a pole up her bum. “The might of Kaga and Akagi will never be-” She couldnt even finish the awful imitation before bursting into laughter, clutching at her stomach and the railing of the deck. “No no, look Naka, were not enemies. ” “I…excuse me? ” The fox-morph blinked; still not feeling as though she understood the Union destroyer any better than when they had first traded shells. Downes finally recovered enough to explain, leaning over to rest her elbows on the rails and take in an early morning sea breeze. The wind ruffled her ashen hair, exposing her off-color eyes. They were unsettling to the Sakura. “I mean, if or when Kaga and Akagi are defeated Andrews gonna have a hell of a time keeping us from ripping them limb from limb, ” Downes admitted, flexing her own new limbs. “But being a part of his fleet means something more than just fighting human wars. I mean, the men of the Union and Empire were doing a pretty good job of killing each other before we showed up, dont you think? ” “I suppose thats fair, ” Naka admitted, taken aback. “Right, so maybe thats not our job in the end? Commander Thorson wants to fight the sirens, starting with your beloved generals. Im down with that. You should be too. ” “I still dont understand how that makes us not enemies. ” “Look at me, ” Downes said quietly, turning to remove her jacket and show Naka much of her body. “Fighting you made me strong. Dont you want to get stronger too? ” “Of course I want to be more like my sisters, ” Naka said passionately. “Then dont you think it would be better if we bury the hatchet and start sparring? ” Downes asked excitedly. “I would be betraying my nation, my sisters! ” “Well yeah, sort of, ” Downes agreed with a shrug. “But I doubt Thorsons going to ask you to go shell Kyoto or Tokyo. And as for your sisters, what about the rest of them that have already joined us? ” Naka didnt have an answer for that question, instead looking out at the darkened island that continued to loom closer with each passing second. She could just barely make out the red painted wood of the shrine atop it. It reminded her of Nagatos shrine in Kyoto. Downes seemed to have noticed something amiss as well. “Huh, wonder what that bamboo wall is all about over there by your dorms. Anyway, Naka, if you dont make a decision soon this might be the last time we get to talk like this. Im not gonna go on about how much I know you love my company, but still. Id rather you join us than be a prisoner. ” “I wish everything were so simple, ” Naka admitted, managing the thinnest of smiles. “Why isnt it simple? ” “Would you fight for the Sakura against your home? ” She asked in turn. “Hell no! ” Downes exclaimed immediately. “But if Commander Thorson was Japanese and he was taking on the sirens, and the only beef he had was with demon Enterprise or…I dont know, whoever went rogue, yeah. Id consider that. Besides, Fusou and the others are so nice! Its been cool serving with them. ” “I suppose I cannot refute how easily some of them seem to have integrated, ” Naka admitted, thinking of Yuudachi and Yukikaze, as well as the Asashio-class sisters. All of them had found fast friends among Thorsons ships, much to Jintsuus chagrin. “But I know…she would never forgive me. ” “Thats a tough spot then, I guess, ” Downes agreed, throwing an arm casually around her shoulder. “Well, Ill be sure to visit no matter what happens, alright. ” “Thats kind of you to offer. ” Downes sighed at her reserved tone. “You change your mind you come find me, red foxy. Ill make sure Commander Thorson puts you guys somewhere nice. ” Nakas ears twitched. “I do not deserve your concern. ” “Andrew looks at me like a woman because I fought you. And I can almost go toe to toe with Belle now. Dont care what you think, foxy. I do things my way. See you when we get to the docks. ” With her parting words, Downes vaulted herself over the side of the ship, activating her rigging on the long drop to the ocean below and skating back to her own hull. She had not quenched the fire of dread in Nakas heart, but at least there was now something there beside it. “Such an interesting ship, ” she murmured. “Tha she is, ” Ooshio agreed, appearing as if out of nowhere. Naka almost jumped out of her dress. “Where were you all this time? ” “Jus…watchin, ” the young destroyer said, shifting her weight from foot to foot. Naka raised her brows curiously. “Be careful, Ooshio. You have chosen a path I yet fear to tread, ” Naka advised, still seeing the destroyer as something of a pupil. She did not know her or her sisters well, but she was still their elder. “I thank ye for yer advice, Naka. But tha dies been cast Im afraid. I think that Shikikans a good man, and it shows in his fleet. If Im wrong…well Ill have ta cross that bridge when I come ta it. ” “That moment may come sooner than you think, ” Naka supposed, now able to make out a small fleet of merchant marine ships docked at the base. They were but minutes away from whatever new life awaited them with Azur Lane. “SHIKIKAAAAAAAAAN! ” Commander Thorson was more than ready on that particular homecoming to intercept the mint green kitty missile that was Akashi, taking her up into a spinning hug that had her cheering and laughing gleefully while Pennsylvania and the rest of the shipgirls aboard made their way to the docks. The rest of his fleet was in anchor out in the bay, more than capable of crossing the final stretch of water on the power of their own rigging. The Langley and the Phoenix took two of the other berths so that their crew could also take a moment of shore leave. “Akashi missed you, Shikikan! Nyaa~” She snuggled into his uniform. “I missed you too, ” he assured her, placing a brief kiss on her cheek that had her ears twitching with delight and giggles spilling from her lips. “You brought home so many boats and kittens, Shikikan! But Akashi is ready for this eventuality, nyaa! So much to show you, so much to do! Shrine is done, spa is done, dorms are done-” “Woah woah, slow down there Akashi! ” Thorson insisted, setting her back down on the dock and ruffling her hair. “Let me catch up with everyone first and then you can give me the tour, alright? ” “Hai, Shikikan! Did you bring Akashi any presents, nyaa? ” She requested eagerly. He glanced down at her with a sarcastic smile. “Two Sakura destroyers, a Union carrier, and a Union cruiser arent enough? ” “Akashi wants gems, not boats, nyaa! ” “Juu? ” “Nyaa? ” Thorson watched with a mixture of humor and horror as the remaining manjuus piled off of the Langley and Portlands rigging as the busty heavy cruiser finally got herself back onto dock. Those that had not yet attached themselves to a shipgirl were all sticking close together, looking around at their new surroundings and taking in the sights. Akashis eyes were sparkling. “What is this, Shikikan? ” “Those are manjuus, ” he replied, doing his best to summarize what he knew about them as the group of birds stared down Akashi and looked nervously at the group of individuals walking down the docks towards them. “Theyre pretty darn smart from what I can tell and they seem to enjoy shipgirls quite a bit. ” Akashi activated her rigging and sat cross-legged on the dock. “Do the manjuus need a new home, nyaa? ” She called out to them. “Juu! ” “Up the stairs and to the right! Akashi will install a birdbath later! ” With a chorus of ‘juus, the fluffy, rotund birds hopped and chirped past her, flapping their tiny wings to propel them faster. One stayed behind and hopped up on Akashis shoulder, making itself comfortable. Thorson couldnt help but smile, though his attention was soon demanded by a different ship. “Tono-sama! ” “Yamashiro! ” Thorson strode forward a couple paces to eagerly take the shrine maiden into his arms. Perhaps it was simply absence, but she seemed even more plush and soft than when he'd left. Fusou was not far behind him, and after a brief moment of snuggling against her fluffy ears and prodigious bosom, Thorson stood aside to allow the sisters their reunion. The tender sibling moment was soon interrupted by a gagging sound from somewhere behind Yamashiros kimono. It was almost drowned out by the sounds of Captain Stevens crew and the bulin teams in their jeeps preparing for maintenance duties, but he heard it nevertheless. He was quite certain it did not come from either of the shrine maidens. “Oh thats right, Tono-sama! Look what Yamashiro found! ” She exclaimed proudly as she turned, bent over, and grabbed something up in her arms. The resulting squeals of annoyance were soon given a face as Yamashiro presented him with what had to be another Sakura shipgirl. She had dark hair and was wearing almost nothing, her skimpy ‘schoolgirl uniform just enough to cover her breasts and waist. Between the state of dress, armored ears, and dogs tail, Thorson had a pretty good idea of who he was looking at. The girl was growling at him. “Let me go, Yamashiro! This is no fun at all! ” “Shigure? ” Shiratsuyu gasped from somewhere behind him. “Shiratsuyu? Youre alive? ” “Nee-chan? Wan~ ” Yuudachi barked. “Yuudachi? ” “Nanoda! ” “Yukikaze. ” Shigure exclaimed louder and louder in turn, going limp in Yamashiros arms and looking around at the nonsensical picture before her. Her sisters and one of her best friends were standing shoulder to shoulder with the Union. A tall, raven-haired battleship was scratching Yuudachi between the ears. Another was looking affectionately at Yukikaze. Yamashiro had thrown herself at the foreign Shikikan. “Yamashiro-san, who is this stupid Shikikan? ” “He is my tono-sama and you will treat him with respect! ” Yamashiro insisted cutely. “See, he even found your other sisters! ” “Besides, only I can call him idiot Shikikan, ” a calm, disinterested voice joined them. “But…the idiot Shikikan seems to have found…many interesting things on his voyage. ” “N-nee-san? ” Yukikaze gasped in disbelief. “Is that really you, nanoda? ” “Go on, Yukikaze, ” Arizona encouraged with a light push, sending the snow white neko barreling forward as tears streamed from her eyes. “I thought you were gone nee-san! ” She cried, throwing her arms around a suddenly solid enough Shiranui. “But the goddess of luck has brought us together again, nanoda! ” “Perhaps she truly has blessed you and Shigure, ” Shiranui agreed, petting her younger sisters head as Yukikaze cried into her kimono. The ghost ships will-o-the-wisps glowed brightly even in the daytime as Shiranui looked past Yukikaze to Thorson. “Thank you…idiot Shikikan, ” she whispered. He nodded in silent reply as Shigure seemed content to sniff him, shrug at his scent, and carry on to reunite with her own sisters. “Shikikan, Shikikan! Oh, uh, Pennsylvania-san. Uh. wawawaaaan, ” Yuudachi suddenly interjected a request, unsure of who's authority she should appeal to. “Can we all have the same room? ” “That sounds like a great idea, ” he agreed, knowing that the logistics of lodging would have to be resolved at some point anyway. “Shiratsuyu, you were bedding with Yuugure and Hatsuharu before, right? ” “Oh, yes Shikikan. ” “I presume youd like to live with your sisters now? ” “And Yukikaze! ” Shigure piped up. “Fine by me, ” Shiranui agreed. "I do not need sleep. “Akashi, can you handle it? Maybe set those two up in their own room? ” Thorson asked. She nodded happily. “Of course, Shikikan! Plenty of rooms for four and two available, nyaa! We have futons and a handful of rooms with bunk beds. ” “Bunk beds! Yukikaze the Great claims the top, nanoda! ” "You'd better get their first then. Right Yuudachi? Don't you want the top bunk. Pennsylvania goaded, earning her a playful swat on the shoulder from Arizona as the three Sakura destroyers tore off for the dormitories despite not having any real idea of where to go. Shiratsuyu tugged on Thorson's sleeve. "I'll go make sure they don't burn the place down. she said with a smile. "Thank you. And good job on this voyage, Shiratsuyu. Thorson replied, earnest praise in his voice and a hand on her shoulder. "A-arigato, Shikikan. she stuttered, almost tripping over herself as she scurried off to join her sisters. "Is it too much to hope that this base somehow becomes self-regulating. Thorson asked, causing Shiranui to turn away from him. "And there's the idiot Shikikan we all know and love. Tell your battleships to keep them on tight leashes. Was it really too much. He asked Penny with a smile. "Maybe, Commander. But I'm happy to help maintain order with these cuties. Thanks. And consider yourself officially recognized for your performance as flagship. Thorson continued more seriously. Pennsylvania saluted him. "With your permission, sir. Radio the girls and let them know we'll have a debriefing in the mess hall starting in one hour. Attendance is…encouraged. Thorson stated. "Otherwise, you're dismissed. Akashi. Hai, Shikikan! I will give the Union girls the full tour and see you after the meeting. At the meeting, Akashi. he ordered. "You're important. he added, knowing the minty kitty likely did not consider such an event to be a good time. Her ears perked up nevertheless. "Then Akashi will be there, nyaa! Come Pennsylvania-san, Cleveland's design has been realized. I guess we're off to our new home then. Maybe I can keep my futon? Sleeping in that manner was rather pleasant. Arizona chuckled, leaving a quick kiss on Thorson's cheek before following after her sister, Akashi, and Zed. The Ironblood promptly joined up with Javelin and Laffey on the way and soon a large group of his ships were all headed on up to the dormitories, including Ark who was somehow carrying all three of the young, flavored kittens. That left him with a handful of confused and hesitant Sakura additions, as well as a patient chief bulin. "Orders, buli. She requested, looking around at all the new ships that had suddenly appeared in the bay. "Hey there, good to see you again chief. Thorson knelt and ruffled her hair briefly. She laughed and closed her eyes happily, leaning on her gigantic wrench for support. "We all made it back in one piece but most of the ships have battle damage in some state of repair. Take your time and be thorough. I don't anticipate heading out on sortie for a while. It will be done, Buli. Oh, and be careful on the Downes and Laffey. he called after her, watching as she returned to the nearest Jeep and relayed orders to the remainder of her crew. In a few moments they were off, retrieving tools and supplies from the base's warehouses. "Speaking of Downes…" Thorson muttered, finally seeing her on the next dock over. Unsurprisingly, Cassin had shaken off her lethargy and come out to greet her sister. The Commander could only imagine what was being exchanged between the two of them. He waited patiently for a few moments, watching as Downes took her sister into a bear hug accentuated by her new height. "Hey, Ooshio. Ya have need of me, Shikikan. The cute Sakura maiden requested, having remained near him in the face of so many Union sailors. "Please radio Downes and ask her to report to this dock. There is still the issue of Naka and Jintsuu that needs to be addressed. Thorson related, looking behind him and nodding silently to Tennessee who had seemed to read his mind, remaining behind and watching over the prisoners cautiously instead of heading up with her fleet mates to check out the renovated dormitories. "Of course, Shikikan. Just give me a quick moment. Ooshio agreed, summoning her rigging. When her task was done, he addressed all five of the Asashio class destroyers. "The five of you are a part of this fleet too now. Stick together and take care of each other. Report to Akashi in the dormitories, up those stairs and take a right when you get to the top of the slope. She should be able to find you all a room together if that's what you'd like. Michishio, just find Shiratsuyu if you wish to keep serving in the kitchens. I'll miss you cooking otherwise! Asashio. I'll take the lead, Shikikan. Good day to you. the blue neko agreed, gathering her sisters and leading them off. He could hear Kasumi talking to Foo as she passed. "No don't worry, Foo. We won't be staying with Shiranui. And you shouldn't be afraid of her will-o' the-wisps, they don't seem harmful. Hmmm? No, how would I know what's for breakfast. Ask Yuugure? Why would I do that? No I don't think Shikikan wants to take a bath with you. And life goes on. Thorson chuckled to himself before greeting Downes and Cassin as they arrived. The dark haired sister was clearly already overwhelmed by Downes' energy. "All you have to do is work out a bit. A bit. She asked sarcastically. "Commander, requesting permission to get breakfast and sleep. Good to see you too, Cassin. Everything's squared away. Brooklyn had me do a couple of courier missions but. she paused to bring her palm up to her lips as she stifled a yawn. "Nothing else. Then you're free to go. Thank you Commander, and welcome back. It was a bit crazy with all these sailors…but sometimes they bring me a cola. Downes was left at her commander's side as Cassin departed, already having taken in a day's worth of excitement by breakfast time. She glanced over at Naka who had remained politely silent along with her sister. Surrounded by enemy guns they didn't have much choice, especially with Tennessee breathing down their necks. "You know, red foxy, I'm more likely to get you in the gym with me than my own sister. Hell, maybe even blue foxy too. Downes. Thorson spoke firmly and seriously. "Take them to the dormitory and establish a watch rotation with Tennessee. They'll take their meals with us and observe curfews. Any other movement must be approved directly by me. Enlist the aid of Penny and the others so you're not always on duty, and I'll make sure to debrief the two of you myself at a later time. Acceptable. Yes sir. both Tennessee and Downes saluted properly, their guns out and at the ready. He nodded to both of them. "I know it's been a long mission and you all need rest. Thank you. This is nothing sir. We'll be fine. Tennessee insisted. "As you say. Naka, Jintsuu…you both know how this ends, one way or another. Don't make me execute you. he requested bitterly. "Take them. You got it, Commander. See you in the mess. Sure, Downes. See you at lunch. Alright you two, move. Tennessee ordered, marching the two prisoners away. Naka seemed to have confusion and uncertainty in her eyes more than anything else, while Jintsuu seemed defiantly reserved. "Sorry. he whispered, watching the four of them go as he was finally left alone on the pier where the Pennsylvania had docked. Langley and her crew seemed content just to be back at a friendly port, so he headed down the dock to his base's main strip, taking a left and walking down along the various mooring points until he came to one he was looking for. There was one final reunion he wanted to see. Brooke, what the hell are you doing here? Digging the glasses by the way. Phoenix shouted happily, practically leaping off her ship and onto the docks below as an unmistakable mane of strawberry blonde hair approached her ship. "And who's this. The fiery redhead demanded, taking in the bear of a man who somehow was gently holding her sister's hand. "I'm glad to see you too, Phoenix. Brooklyn replied before taking her sister into an embrace. "This is Captain Matthew Stevens of the Union merchant marine. He's my…boyfriend. she squeaked, going through mild shock at saying the word out loud but enjoying the way Stevens seemed to rumble with laughter beside her. "Don't bother asking cause I don't know how it happened either. the Captain chuckled, extending a hand. "Captain Stevens at your service. Pleasure to meet you. Likewise. Phoenix accepted. "So how did you end up here, sis? And with him. I'm here because I believe in Commander Thorson's mission, sister. Brooklyn stated primly before her face softened and she reached up on tiptoe to plant a kiss on Stevens' bearded cheek. "And I'm with him because he is a faithful, compelling man who doesn't feel the need to court half of his fleet…unlike a certain Commander who nevertheless made me realize that indulging in my feminine half is delightful at times. So Thorson's a man whore. Phoenix summarized with a smirk. "Forgive my sister, Captain. She's always had the mouth of a sailor. Brooklyn implored. "Sweetheart, I'm a sailor. Stevens laughed, nodding Phoenix's way. "So how did you and that carrier end up with the Commander. He wondered. "His fleet pulled us out of the fire. Oh that's a good one, coming from you. Brooklyn interrupted. "Yeah yeah, I know. Phoenix assured her proudly. "Anyway, far as I can tell Commander Thorson smashed his way through the East Indies, snatched all the ships he could, and got out before the whole barrier fell to the Sakura. "What did you say. Brooklyn demanded seriously, feeling a chill run up her mostly exposed legs. "She means we lost. a familiar voice called from behind her. Brooklyn spun on her heel and greeted him warmly with a chaste hug. "Commander Thorson, you look well for a defeated officer. In addition to the Shigure I see you've managed to collect a handful of other ships. Yeah well…we still lost. he muttered. "Stevens. Thorson. Good to see you again. Care to give me a rundown of the last month before I debrief my own fleet. It would be our pleasure, sir. Brooklyn affirmed. "And thank you for delivering my sister to me. I shall have to send word to Union command that she and Langley made it back. I did not want to believe the scattered reports…" Thank you for keeping morale up. Thorson took over, understanding well enough the uncertainty and sadness in Brooklyn's expression. "Phoenix, you good. Yes sir, we'll just resupply and get ready to ship out. I'm sure they'll want us back with Enterprise or something. On the off chance they don't, you're always welcome. Thorson affirmed. "Brooklyn. Of course, sir. Sister, let us speak later. The beaches past the dock make for a delightful stroll. Sounds good, sis. Talk to you later. Phoenix waved in parting as the two officers and her sister departed for the mess. Now that…is not what I expected. Thorson murmured. He had just entered the mess hall to find the usual hubbub of morning activity thanks to Stevens' crew. What he did not expect was to see Yuugure chatting up a table of sailors, clad in a French maid outfit no less. She was clearly taking a page out of Shiratsuyu's book, the black and white fabric matching her hair and the creamy, exposed skin just beneath her neck. Even her tail was adorned with a small lace band. It was easy enough to see the men around her were eating out of her palm, her nationality be damned. Equally strange was Hatsuharu, who could be seen in the kitchens with a very peculiar sailor. "I didn't know any negroes served in your fleet, Captain. He's just a steward's mate, Commander. the Captain replied sternly. "Can't say it's been easy but the boy knows his stuff. Always been quiet and shut in a bit, likely on account of being the only one of his kind in my convoy. Guess that Sakura girl doesn't see color. I see. was all Thorson would say. He didn't honestly know how he felt about the situation, but he could see the easy smile on Hatsuharu's face as she spoke with the young sailor. By Thorson's estimation he couldn't have been older than twenty. "There haven't been any problems. With those two? Are you kidding? A mouse makes more of a ruckus. Stevens replied. "That other kitten's the one you want to watch out for, to say nothing of Akashi. Yuugure. Got half my men wrapped around her little finger. Far as I know she just likes teasing them. Tried to tell them she ain't serious, but boys will be boys. And girls will be girls. Thorson smiled, sitting with Brooklyn and Stevens at a corner table. Hatsuharu was soon there with coffee. "W-welcome back, Shikikan. she whispered. Who's your friend in the kitchens. He replied softly. "His name is Fredrick Miles. And he's been teaching me how to cook better. the destroyer replied with a bashful smile. Thorson glanced over at Stevens as she headed back. "You said the rest of your crew give him trouble. Do you really have to ask. Stevens grunted. It wasn't difficult to guess how a black man would be treated by an all white crew. "Then leave him here. Thorson shrugged. "Looks like he's doing Hatsuharu more good than you. I'll be happy to be rid of him, if only for the sake of peace and quiet. Stevens lowered his voice. "Boy's had it tough. He volunteered. You think we'd draft his kind. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Thorson murmured. "But we're getting off track and I could always use more help in the kitchens. What else do you have to report. Yes sir, allow me. Brooklyn stepped in, having watched the racially charged exchange between the two men with fascination. "We've established ongoing contact with Union high command via courier and radio when battlegroups pass close enough to the base. I see. And your evaluation of Union high command. Thorson demanded as he took a sip of coffee, wondering if Brooklyn would echo Pennsylvania's sentiments. Brooklyn gave him an obscure smile. "They have kindly chosen to provide us with every spare battleship in the Pacific theater, such as they are. I'm still waiting on an answer regarding wisdom cubes. It's been difficult maintaining regular contact with anyone possessing an appropriate security clearance. Wait, we're getting how many ships. Thorson demanded eagerly. "Well California, obviously. Brooklyn began with a genuine smile. "Maybe that will thaw Tennessee's frozen heart, hmm? Let's see, who else did they mention? There was Maryland, West Virginia got herself out of dry dock early, Colorado who's another ice queen, and South Dakota. Brooklyn finished. "What, nothing to say about Dakota. Thorson prompted. "You'll see for yourself, sir. We received word that California will be escorting a handful of cubes as well but…" But. Brooklyn fixed Thorson with a stern look. "How much do you want to bet that the moment we inform Pacific command that Phoenix and Langley have been retrieved from Southeast Asia, they will demand they be shipped away from here to other fronts. And Houston. Her ship is gone from what I could tell? I only just caught a glimpse of her hair on the docks. You can recognize her anywhere. In any case, that gives us the ability to let her rest here. But do you see the pattern I'm trying to paint, sir. We're a dumping ground. Thorson eventually murmured, looking down into his coffee. "You mentioned cubes. I would be willing to wager my best pair of lace panties that the cubes we've been promised…" Brooklyn took a deep breath. "They're likely Nevada and Oklahoma's. Thorson felt like he'd been punched in the gut, not even able to make a quip about how he didn't have enough pairs of underwear to risk losing one. "It appears someone intends this to be the final resting place for many of them, the dreadnaughts of a bygone age. Kaga and Akagi would likely agree with you. Thorson replied, thinking back to his great defeat. "But I don't need superior airpower to win a battle. Sir, I don't mean to speak out of place, but the military production and actions of every major power on the planet are in concurrence. The era of the battleship has ended. Thorson lowered his head, running a finger along the brim of his cap. "I won't give up on Penny, Arizona, Tennessee, and the rest. The era of battleships may be over, Brooklyn, but I know what I saw at Java Sea. And I think I can beat it. I intend to forge a new era of naval combined arms with battleships as the core…one that can break carrier groups. Previous] p. First] f.

Dark waters cast.
Dark waters pfas.
Dark waters jeremy wade 8.
Dark waters vvilderness.

Dark waters true story. I've been waiting for this review so eagerly that I automatically gave yhthis video a thumbs up. I found the movie compelling and infuriating and I wanted to see if your reaction was similar. I 100% agree that the poster is awful, the trailer wasn't terrible though. It told me enough about the film that I wanted to go see it and I am glad that I did because everyone should see it. The only thing that I found fault with was the pacing of the story. There were a few extraneous scenes where I thought this seems too dramatic or like a tangent menace where the insidiousness of DuPont and the main plot felt menacing enough, And other times where I felt like there was a scene missing in between a cut that could have made the flow more seamless or like there was a missing piece of character development.

This may sound stupid to you, or perhaps it will sound real douchebaggy, maybe, just maybe, if I play my cards right it will sound both stupid AND douchebaggy simultaneously…It doesnt really matter what it sounds like because to be honest, you have zero role in this sound and the way it sounds to you, what the sound is and what you hear it as will be entirely up to me, for you see (or maybe you dont see, you may have gotten a bad case of the blinds since we last talked, I understand why youd not want me to see how you cant, because hey four eyes but zero sees, I can see plain as day that not being able to see is a pain all day. So long story short. Naw, that is contradictory. In a nutshell, a long story is long, if you want a short one just stop early. So blind now? 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As soon as they turn off the camera, right, get that butter melted. Dark waters vladimir. The movie must called X-men: Last Stand 2. Dark waters film. Dark waters movie trailer. Dark waters diana. Dark waters vladimir vs soulstealer.

I love this damn story. I love this damn channel

I LOVE YOU MARK RUFFALO 😭❤🙌. Why does this movie make it LOOK like this happened in the 1980s when it literally STILL isnt resolved. Dark waters dupont. Dark waters 2020. Greetings and Salutations! Credit to Sera#2788 in the DanMemo Discord for the live translations! Credit to MikeAy978#8734 in the Astraea Discord for the English Slides! Credit to Galeriot#6212 in the Technia Discord for making the information easily accessible in one channel! 1 - Goblin Slayer Collab - Part 2. Hero of Six] Sword Maiden - Stat Block. High Dex) Skill: Foes] 15% MAG, STR and Dark Res. Allies] 15% Thunder Damage ( Um…. Ok…. Interesting. A dual typed assist that goes a bit farther than just “Fire and Light Damage goes up. ” - Those type units can easily be just “Whichever one of these elements you happen to be using right now”. Where this isnt quite as “easy” to use in that respect. While not incredible, this is a pretty unique design space. Debuffing both STR and MAG is a solid “Catch-all” effect. I definitely feel that a lot of the Collab Banners have been more focused on that “catch-all”. Probably in the idea that the Collab would attract new players. Priestess Image] Amid Teasanare. I was initially bummed Sword Maiden wasnt a unit. This is acceptable. Stat Block Special Arte: Super Heal, Self] SA Charge 100. Allies] SA Charge 33% for 3 turns Skill 1: Fast 20% Heal. Allies] 20% regen & STR, MAG, Dark dmg. +25% for 3 Turns Skill 2: Foes] Slow High Dark M. Atk w/High Uncounter, High penetration & removes mag/str debuffs on allies Skill 3: Foe] Mid Dark M. Attack w/Unguard, Temp Mag Boost & removes curse on allies Notable Passive - on counter, removes [foe] STR buffs exc assist skills ( This unit would have been the absolute best thing like…. A year ago… [Fushi Kaiden] Chigusa was used for a LONG time before finally getting replaced by [Virgin Goddess] Artemis. But now, team-wide Str/Mag buffs just arent worth as much as most units come with self-buffs. Hell, even OG Haruhimes Special with +100% STR & MAG is starting to lose value with some of the more recent units. Her kit isnt bad though. It does a lot and is pretty cool overall. It keeps your team squeaky clean. While plenty of FR enemies have cursed us over the months, it hasnt truly felt like a MUST remove thing though. While remove Str/Mag debuffs is just nice to keep your damage up in both WarGames and against certain PvE events. Her Special is also neat, but I am not sure if is actually relevant. With BIG WHOMPY Specials like Aisha, Kotori, and Anya, it is harder to “reason” with using a special that doesnt give you a ton of damage. Like I mentioned before, even OG Haruhimes special is losing usefulness at times. The biggest issue is “Where do you use this? ” - Because it wont serve you in FR. Meaningless in WarGames - So that just leaves RecordBuster, which against Riv/Ott it will feel wasted if used before turn 9, in which its throughput goes down considerably, and against Revis you can already get the 33% on your team forever with a sac Line into Haru sustain. Just not sure if this special has a place at all. Elven Gale] Ryuu Lion. oh yes. Stat Block. OH YES…) Special Arte: Foes] Super Dark M. Atk w/Unguard, 50% skill dmg for each AGI buff on self Skill 1: Fast [Foes] 25% MAG, AGI, M. Resist for 4 turns. Self] MAG, AGI, M. Resist +50% for 4 Turns Skill 2: Foes] Super Dark M. Atk w/High Penetration, temp MAG boost. Self] Dark atk dmg +50% for 3 turns Skill 3: Foe] High Dark M. Atk w/High crit, 40% skill dmg for each AGI buff on self Passive - on counter, removes [foe] mag buffs exc assist skills ( OHHHHH YEEESSSSSSSSS. Move the FUCK over Mikoto and Lili. and maybe Daphne (big maybe, Ryu is faster, but Daphne heals. the true queen of Danmemo and the REAL WarGames Ryu has arrived. A LOT of WarGames is still about “Who Goes First” - and that Agi Stat along with that Fast Debuff, means that you SHOULD be going first if you have Ryu. Additionally, she is going to hurt a LOT with her Self Buffs and her Super Damage Modifier. She will even be useful in PvE tanks to her M. Resist Debuff, and her high damage potential, although her complete set-up can be a bit slow since it takes till the 3rd turn for her to be at “max” damage. This is by far the best unit on the banner and probably the best unit in the event. All hail Ryuu. BANNER - All three units are on a single banner. Heroic Trial - One extra bond for your waifu. Whale Bundles - Because you aren't MLBing anyone any other way. It is going to be very similar to the Original Familia Royale. Japanese Slide #1 High Score is based on the following. Your Highest Damage Hit. Your Total Damage Dealt (Includes Overkill. Kill Speed (Faster is better) Japanese Slide #2 There will again be three stages with growing difficulties for each. Stage 1 = February 20-26 19-25 Stage 2 = February 22 21-25 Stage 3 = February 24 23-25 Each stage and difficulty will cost stamina and can be done as many times as you like in the interest of chasing your best score. We currently dont know if you will be able to quitscum to save stamina. Japanese Slide #3 Additional Challenges relating to Familia Royale are going to be included. But we are not getting any information on those until next week. Yay Familia Royale. Just be in a Familia that has more than four members, free 11 draw ticket. Woo, Free Stuff) The Quest awards a chocolate. The chocolate restores 120 stamina, or can be kept as a collectable. You get three chocolates per day, and there are 37 unique chocolates based on the characters. Free 11-Draw Ticket. Thats it. 6 - Summary. Full Summary Image - February 12 - Goblin Slayer Collab, Part II with Banner and Bundles. RecordBuster (Water Riveria) February 13 - Valentines Quest Start Thats everything! Thanks! u/Schwahn ( Part 2 Units were much more exciting in my opinion. Although Ryu is the only one I am placing any real value in. I will likely chase Ryu, and hope to collect the others. I think Amid is solid but not sure if she will have a home. Sword Maiden is an interesting Design, but ultimately rather unexciting and difficult to use. Glad to see Familia Royale back. I found it significantly less stressful than FR or FWG. Since even if the run went TERRIBLY, you could just try again and it wasnt a big deal. So, next we can expect probably some rerun events, a random tale, and then we will be approaching the 3rd Anniversary. Alright then. Here goes. Thanks for reading and playing everyone.

This movies saving graces: 1. James McAvoys acting 2. Michael Fassbenders acting 3. Quicksilver/Evan Peters 4. See 1-3. My Top 2 Favourite Investigative movies are The Spotlight and Zodiac ❤️. Dark waters movie true story. These are confusing times. YouTube Dark Waters. I know this is basically A Civil Action 2.0, but it's a story told with conviction and pathos and a whole lot of anger at that most black-void-hole-evil a "Person" known as the Mega-Corporation. It does at times jump a little much ahead into the future hitting bullet points of history. At the same time, I'm not sure how else to economically tell this story in a little over two hours. The centerpiece of this, where Ruffalo's Robert tells one person (his wife) and then another (his law boss Robbins) the man who didn't believe him at the corporation, and then the ornery farmer who we saw earlier shoot a cow in the head in self defense. is a masters class in how to handle exposition and to do cross-cutting to create a sequence.
And Todd Haynes, who hasn't helmed a film like this before (and normally I wouldn't think he'd go for it, and kudos to him for collaborating with Ruffalo) ultimately he does manage to smuggle in this greater idea that goes for these bottom-less-pocket-book-deep wells of money like Dupont, but it's also about power itself. The people in West Virginia poisoned and made to die can be a metaphor for any kind of institution (i.e. political) that hides and cajoles and yet those being hurt will support them. until it may be too late. If it has anything over Civil Action, it's the authenticity that comes with filming in the place (with several of the people from the case) and Haynes's unique eye (look at how he stages that medical scene late in the film.

Dark waters afdah. Dark waters release date. Just look at all the Egyptian glyphs of chimaera. griffin, of satan. The Lord wiped them out once and cleansed the earth of that like the devil is up to his old tricks. After watching dark waters, i became more conscious about my cookware! Im scared to use what im using now! My goodness! Now. Im looking for a really safe cookware.

Holy shit what a story and the way u tell it, I had 2 finish it and had me late 2 work lol. truly impressive D.W. Dark waters movie review. I used one of this pan and died 10 years ago😂. “The defeat of Russia in the East, allowed Germany to concentrate its forces for one massive assault on the British sectors. The initial hurricane bombardment was heard as far away as London. General Lüdendorff then ordered his Stormtroopers to attack the enemy trench lines.”. I never really minded Mark, but after watching this, I am shocked. I never knew Mark went through so much like Robert Downey Jnr. Them both have gone though so much, their true heroes.

Dark waters movie 2019 movie. Dark waters vladimir chroma. Dark waters csfd. Dark waters video. Link to Index New reader? Part 1 can be found here. Previous Everything afterwards turned into something of a blur. Evan remembered running back into his room. He'd dove under the covers of his bed almost immediately. He felt the venom coursing through his veins. Alien intruded on the human. Human intruded on the alien. He remembered it hurt to move. Muscles didn't respond to his command. He had managed to pull himself back together when he'd run. He fought against the growing numbness. The sense of paralysis seemed to block it all out, and keep his humanity locked in place. But Evan found being poisoned was not a rather enjoyable experience. At some point he'd run over to the bathroom. He vomited into the toilet, though he wasn't entirely sure what. Maybe it was what was left of his breakfast. Maybe he just couldn't hold down his lunch. Had he even eaten lunch? It was an odd sensation for Evan. His alien biology had meant he almost never got sick with human diseases. Either they just couldn't infect him, or it was just trivial for his body to fight them off. Even when one somehow did make him sick, it had always been rather mild. All those decades on Earth and he'd never even had to take a sick day. He stumbled to the floor, laying on its concrete surface. He felt the blanket wrapped around him. Apparently he'd carried it over with him? These were human sensations Evan couldn't say he was disappointed he had missed out on experiencing. He struggled, trying to pull himself to his feet. He grabbed the counter of the sink and pulled. He needed to get that taste out of his mouth. He pulled himself to counter level, turning on the tap. He pulled himself to his feet, filling his cupped hands with water. Evan looked up staring into the mirror. It stared back at him. Evan let go, spilling the handful of water over the counter and himself. He brought his hands to his face, and it did the same. Evan's face still felt human. They both looked down at their hands. His still looked human. He looked back it, and it at him. It grinned at him, and it whispered to him. Evan stumbled back, falling to the floor. He looked at the mirror and it still stood there, looking down upon him.  It reached its claws towards the glass. And then its claws slipped through it. It grabbed the sides of the frame and began pulling itself through. It slid across the sink counter. It landed on the floor in front of him, hands first. Then it stood up, towering over him. Evan lay there, unable to move. It looked down upon him. It leaned towards him. It raised its claws to strike. Then he was the one standing over himself. He tried to stop himself, but he couldn't. His claws came down, striking him. He stood over Evan, dead instantly. Then he saw the bodies of the others. Leland, Allison, Leonid, Nikita. Then he was back there. Another planet, another lifetime. Standing amidst the slaughter. But this time it was humanity. Battle raged around him, and he was a part of it.  The world burned and he was in control.  Evan awoke to darkness. Everything felt stiff, and everything felt sore. The fluorescent lights on the ceiling had all been turned off already, so presumably, it was nighttime out there now. Not that they gave him natural light in this cell. They almost certainly had night vision cameras, so even the darkness provided him with little privacy. The only real sources of light in the room were the few small lamps that served more for navigation than any practical source of lighting. Evan threw off the blanket. It was hard to tell in the dim light, but it felt like it had been torn and shredded. Had he done that? He tried to pull himself to his feet. The concrete floor offered little comfort. He nearly stumbled to the floor, his body still weak. It was a new and strange sensation for him. Nausea swelled in him again and he crawled his way over to the toilet, expelling what little was left in his stomach. He reached over and hit the nearby light switch. A small lamp turned on, illuminating the makeshift bathroom with some light. He pulled himself up to the sink counter, the taste still stuck in his mouth. The front edge of the counter was scratched and gouged, something he preferred not to consider at the moment. There was hesitation as he lifted himself to eye level with the mirror, afraid of what he'd see. He took a deep breath and pushed himself fully to his feet. A human face stared back. Still his face. He leaned in to examine it closer, running his hands along his face. It looked normal, it felt normal. More normal than it had been in weeks. His legs trembled slightly beneath him. A bit of the venom still coursed through his veins. He felt weak. More fragile than he had ever been before. Evan took a drink from the sink, rinsing the vomit from his mouth, then sat himself down on the floor, leaning his back against the wall of his shower. It was so quiet, and so calm. His entire body ached, but his head hadn't felt this clear in a long time. His muscles couldn't move quite right, but his mind felt at ease. He felt like himself, and he was in control. Evan jolted himself awake, realizing he had fallen asleep again. The fluorescent lighting flicked on overhead with a clunk. It was morning. It was morning? Had he really lost almost an entire day? Evan stretched his arms. He still felt a lingering stiffness in him, but he could feel the effects of the poison almost wiped away. It hadn't been all bad, to lose his day like that. He hadn't exactly been getting the most sleep since everything had happened, and even he had his limits. He'd hadn't felt this well rested since before he'd gone up to the space station. Pulling himself to his feet he made his way over towards his room's main door. Unsurprisingly, it was still closed. But even at a distance, he could see the set of plates lying next to it. His stomach growled. He hadn't eaten in a day, and he'd vomited most of what he had. Most of the food had long gotten cold, only the recently breakfast even warm. But Evan devoured them all the same. He ate with a ravenous and inhuman hunger, devouring three meals worth of food nearly where he stood with barely a second thought. The alien appetite stirred undesired thoughts from their slumber, and Evan had to reassert his grip in response. He was still in control. Evan had barely gotten out of the shower when he heard the doors opening. Approaching footsteps, and the sounds of someone shouting his name. He pulled back the curtain and stepped out, all traces of the previous day's mess washed away by soap and some fresh clothes. Some welcome normalcy. He was greeted by the female scientist from the previous day, with two armed guards following behind her. "Since you're apparently up and about, I've been asked to collect the treatment from you. she said coldly. "What makes you so sure it's ready. Evan asked. "Seems presumptuous. Doctor Weston had a hunch. That lead one from yesterday. he tried. She said nothing. "Well luckily for you, I'm pretty sure their hunch was right. She reached into her bag, pulling out some equipment and placing it at his table. She gestured him over, motioning for him to take a seat. He slid into the chair as she pulled a large needle from her kit. "Why am I always getting jabbed with needles by you. he said with an amused chuckle. He started to open his mouth again when she cut him off. "If you make a sex joke about that, I'll have one of them shoot you. I doubt your general would like that. And not that I like getting shot, but with how much it's happened to me this week I would assume you know they're not the most effective on me. Which is why it's not a joke. she said, giving him a pointed look. "You're sure this will work. The blood's almost entirely human. Type O-negative, universal donor. And the antibodies in my system are compatible with the human body. For obvious reasons I haven't exactly tried this procedure before, but I'm about as sure as I can be it'll help fight the poison. Not exactly a high bar of confidence. Worst case, it'll be his superhero origin story. he joked. "Most of the ones getting pumped full of alien blood tend to turn into supervillains and monsters. she countered. "At least my blood isn't actually magic then. She held the needle towards him. "Before we start, as a Doctor I'm obligated to ask how you're feeling. Make sure you're well enough to do this. she said. "Not that I have much of a baseline. Nothing out of the ordinary you'd understand, other than some residual poisoning. And you're not going to go all- she mimed a monster brandishing its claws " on me. As long as you don't sneak up behind me and stab me. he joked. "Good. She jammed the needle into his veins, less gently than he had expected she should be, and slowly began to draw his blood. "I still don't know your name either. he said, trying to break the sudden silence. "Or just about anyone's here, for that matter. General's orders. she said, her voice dismissive. "He can't be that paranoid about me. There has to be something I can call you. Unless you want me to just start calling you 'Needle Lady. She ignored him, continuing to draw blood. Part of him half-considered shifting on the spot, just to mess with their paranoia. Though there were at least a dozen ways that could end horribly for everyone. The syringe finally filled, and she pulled the needle free from his vein. The puncture closed as quickly as it opened, and within a couple of seconds, you couldn't even tell where it had been. She quickly threw the syringe into a sealed bag, the biohazard warning labels on it very clear. "That will be all for now, Collins. she said, beginning to pack up the equipment again. "I believe the general wished to speak with you later. She ran her eyes over him with an inquisitive look, a look so deep Evan felt the need to double-check his shape.  "And get well soon, I suppose. she added.

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This is my third or 4th time listening to this. and it's still great. 🐺. Dark watersports. I am an avid upland bird hunter who lives in Oregon. I have a flushing dog I trained to hunt. An English Setter, Reggie, who I take out most weekends of the hunting season to look for pheasant, quail, grouse, partridge, or ducks. For the last three years, the only meat Ive eaten from mid-September through the end of January has been the birds my dog and I hunt, plus the elk or deer I usually bag in during archery season. Its something Ive become pretty passionate about. Two weekends ago was the end of quail, grouse, and partridge season, so I planned a day trip out to eastern Oregon. For those who dont know, most of Oregon is essentially a desert. The area between the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific is rainy and forested, and what most people think of when they picture Oregon. However, with the exception of a few small mountain ranges, two thirds of the state east of the Cascades is just sage brush, red rocks, and arid country for hundreds of miles to the Idaho border. While quite cold this time of the year, its still amazingly beautiful, with literally millions of acres of public land (where theres great bird hunting. I loaded Reggie and my gear in the truck early Saturday morning several hours before sunrise, and set off. Just at first light we got to a big, open river valley Ive spent lots of time exploring, but this specific area was new to me. It was about 30 degrees, looked like a light dusting of snow the night before, but otherwise pretty dry, and would be a fairly clear day. I love these moments, maybe more than anything in life. Being the only human in a massive wild landscape without a single trail or building for miles. The isolation, the giddiness for the upcoming adventure, the feeling of exploring an area that looked the same 500 years ago, the feeling of going out to get my own food, the contrast between hot coffee in my thermos and the cold winter wind on my exposed hands. All of it. Just my favorite place to be. I got the dog ready, put on my boots and pack, loaded the shotgun, and we set off along the top of the valley ridge 600-700 yards above the river, looking out over the arid, cold landscape hued by the silvery-blue wolf light of early winter mornings. For those whove never seen it, watching a hunting dog work is a truly fascinating spectacle to behold. Its honestly why I enjoy upland bird hunting so much. To me, watching a really good hunting dog actively hunt for wild game birds is honestly not that much different from watching a trained dolphin or sea lion at sea world or something like that. A work dog doing its job can be so focused and intelligent its shocking sometimes. I trained Reggie well, but so much of it is primal and innate. Its Reggies 6th hunting season, so weve spent hundreds of days off-trail, exploring the back country, and weve really learned to read each other well. Coastal rain forests, high desert, alpine mountains, hardwood forests, farm land, swamps, marshes, we've adventured through it all together. If theres a game bird near, Reggie sells it, I can tell from how his tail moves, the frequency of sniffing, and the lateral angles of his turns. I can tell if he smells another person from how he looks back at me. I can tell if he smells a coyote, wolf, bear or mountain lion from how he drops his spine. I can tell if he smells an elk, deer, or moose from how he tilts his head to catch the wind. Hes my best friend. Were a real solid team. About an hour after we started hiking along the valley ridge, we came to a gully that cut downhill through the ridge toward the river, which wed have to cross. I picked a route down the steep rise to the the dry, boulder-filled creek bed at the bottom of the gully, where a deer trail lead back up the other side. Half way down the slope Reggie started acting real strange. He stopped about 30 feet in front of me, cocked his head to the side and fixed his gaze down to our left, toward a spot in the dry creek bed as it dropped down the valley. He then leaned his head forward, as if trying to get a better view, and then started turning around toward me without pulling his eyes off the spot (which he really only does when hes scared of something, like when we go to the vet, or I start up a chainsaw) then he bolted up the steep side of the gully to where I was standing. “What is it bud? ” He kept switching his gaze from my eyes to the same spot below us, while pacing around in half circles. Strange. My first thought was mountain lion, which I always have at the back of my mind. Theyre all over the place out here, but they usually clear out long before they let people—let alone a person with a dog—get this close to them. Figured that probably wasnt it. Whatever, I thought, weve gotta cross this gully and keep moving, so I patted the dog on the head and kept on moving down toward the bottom of the gully. Reggie stayed right on my heels the entire time. The bottom of the gully was a dry creek bed loaded with car-sized boulders with a lot of rocks and gravel running between the rock formations and steep, grassy walls of the gully. As I was crunching over the gravel, Reggie stopped in the middle of the creek bed and, once again, was fixated on something to our left, down the gully. This time he dropped his spine and I could see his hackles raise. Oh shit, I thought, maybe there really is some kind of predator in the rocks down there. I flipped the safety off my shotgun and started talking to Reggie in the “cute / buddy buddy” tone I use when Im trying to calm him down. I started walking toward a big boulder in the middle of the creek bed that was blocking my view. Looked like once I was past it, Id have a clear field of view over the entire gully, all the way down the valley side to the river. Reggie was still frozen in place, I patted his head as I passed on his right side. Once I got a few paces past him, I noticed he wasnt following me (which he usually would, even if it was a bear ahead of us. I looked back at him “Lets go bud, whats up there? Lets go get it! ” (usual comments Id make to him to get him all jazzed and excited to check an area out. He started pacing around in half circles again, with his ears back and his tail down. What the fuck, I thought. Definitely never seen him do this before, unless, again, we're at the vet (he doesn't like shots. Ive seen him chase 400lb black bears off my property, and squabble with countless coyotes. Hes not scared of much. This got me pretty anxious. I shouldered my shotgun and decided that before we keep moving, at this point, checking behind the boulder where something had the dog all tweaked out was a safe thing to do. I moved fast. In my experience dealing with cougars and black bears, 99. 9% of the times you bump into one, theyre absolutely terrified and run away as fast as they possibly can, especially when surprised by something with confident movement thats making lots of noise (but definitely don't do this with grizzly. I heard Reggie start following me as I started to boogie around the boulder. I came around the big rock on the right side, and in front of me was a big clearing in the creek bed, and a huge big horn sheep (a “ram”) no more than 25 feet in front of me. We run into big horn sheep out in this country all the time, so it wasnt that much of a surprise. What was surprising was how this thing was… sitting. Thats the only way I can think to describe it. It was sitting on its folded back legs like a dog or a cat would, holding itself up with a straight-backed posture, front legs locked forward with its hooves in the gravel, staring straight ahead so I couldnt see its face. “What the fuck” I said out loud. These are very wary and skittish animals. Theyd never let a person get this close. A bunch of things went through my mind at the same time. Maybe its dead? No, it was cold, and I could see steam coming from its slow breaths. Maybe its wounded, and dying? Maybe its stuck on some old fencing or something? Right then, Reggie started barking. Not just barking, but “snarl barking, ” like he was in a fight. Hes a pretty quiet dog generally, and he never barks at deer, elk or ram, maybe prances after them for a few seconds instinctively if we bump into one hiking and spook it, but hes never been very interested in big mammals. It startled me. I looked back at him, and he had his front legs splayed out, his head was down, his tail was down, his hackles were raised up so high he didn't even look like an English Setter anymore, and he was fully barring his teeth and barking and snarling like Id never seen. He looked feral, like a coyote. I could hear the snap of his teeth as he barked again and again. I looked back at the ram. Still just “sitting” there. Unmoving. Staring straight ahead. Now that was fucking strange. Ive never known a wild mammal to do anything but bolt away, terrified at the presence of a canine, let alone not even move a muscle with a canine being aggressive. I was pretty convinced at that point that the ram had to be real sick or super fucked up in some way; definitely close to death. Even if it was tangled up on something, or had got trapped in a leg-snare, it would be freaking the hell out with a dog going ballistic next to it the way Reggie was. “Reggie here! ” I yelled to him. ‘Here is sort of my catch-all command for him, meaning 'stop what youre doing and get to my heels right fuckin now. Reggie didnt even look at me. I took my shotgun in my left hand, turned and took a step toward the dog and pointed at the ground in front of me and pretty much screamed “ REGGIE HERE! ” Again, nothing. He just kept barking and snarling at the ram, with increasing intensity. That really put me on edge. Hed never just completely ignored a firm command before. Its like I wasnt even there. I turned back to the ram and shouldered my shotgun again. Something was wrong. Real fuckin wrong. All my years spent in the back country, hunting and tracking big game animals, I mean I literally guided ram hunts professionally just one valley over, and I'd never seen anything like this. The wind was picking up and howling down the gully. I felt its bite on my hands. The light dusting of snow from the night before was getting whipped up around the gully. Thin, frantic sheets and clouds of light snow that look almost like electric bursts as the tiny ice crystals catch the light at different times. I started moving around the ram to its right, trying to gain some elevation to stay somewhat above it as I rounded its position to get a look at its face. Big horn sheep dont attack people, theyre skittish as hell, so I wasnt necessarily scared of that, but this thing seemed unwell, so I figured all bets were off. As I was side stepping around it the wind in the gully started messing with the pressure in my ears, as it can. Felt like I was landing in an airplane, and my ears popping slightly dulled the volume of Reggies snarling and barking, and the wind howling down around the rocks. My heart was pounding pretty good at this point. I got to a spot about 8 feet directly to its right, and about 3-4 feet above it up the slope of the gully, and could start to make out its face. My heart rate was going insane, uniquely so, to the point I actually noticed. The pressure change made it so I could hear my heartbeat thundering in my ears, and feel it throbbing in my cheeks and eyes. Felt like Id taken 10 adderrall, chugged a redbull then sprinted a mile. Trying to calm my self down and get a grip only made me more jumpy and anxious. I took another step and could see its mouth now. It was slightly agape, with milky snot running from its nose and saliva dripping from its bottom lip, with little spurts and flecks of both shooting out every time it exhaled a steamy breath. “What the fuck” I kept saying out loud. I took another step and could start to see its eyes behind the big, full-curls of its horns, which were pocked with scars and abrasions from a lifetime of battling other rams and existing in this hard, rocky country. I took another step so I was able to essentially look at it from the front for the first time and see its full features. It had tears pouring out of its eyes, and it sounded almost like it was moaning. Alright, I thought, this thing is incredibly fucked up. Is it a virus or something? Is its lower spine broken? I wanted to put it out of its misery, but shooting a big horn sheep without a license is a felony with a 15, 000 fine, so I started thinking about hiking back and calling the fish & game officers. I lowered my shotgun and was about to turn to go back toward the dog, when it snapped its head up to the right, and looked right at me. Until my last day alive, I will never forget that moment. All the wind was knocked out of me. Or… sucked out of me. It felt like I was free falling, with my stomach in my throat. I couldnt move. I pissed myself - just straight up urinated in my pants, for the first time since I was a toddler. Tears started rolling out of my eyes down my cheeks, my hands and feet went numb. I didnt notice the dog move, but Reggie was suddenly right at my feet, with a strap from my backpack in his mouth, fiercely pulling on it as hard as he could, as though we were playing tug-a-war, yanking me back the way I'd come. But I couldnt move. I couldn't raise my shotgun. I couldnt look away from the ram. I was stuck. Then, the ram started weeping. Thats the only way I can describe it: fucking weeping. It didnt move its body, only its head, but it was whimpering and weeping, like a fucking person. Its facial features became very human. It's eyes bulged. It's bottom lip was quivering. It was whimpering out noises like it was trying to speak between sobs, while sucking in air sporadically like a crying child would. Then, unmistakably, it started speaking. Or, more like it started pleading. It only used a total of three different words, but they were unmistakable. “Dont go, dont go, please dont go, DONT GO, DONT GO. PLEASE DONT, PLEASE DONT GO. DONT. DON'T ” It increased its intensity gradually, from a whimpering pleading to a desperate screaming. I couldnt breath. I felt like I was going to throw up, or had already thrown up. After what felt like about 15 seconds, my dog finally yanked on my pack hard enough to get me to stumble, and I lost my footing. I couldn't move my leg to re-place my foot so I went down to one knee then buckled forward down the slope, rolling onto a shoulder and finally breaking my eye contact with the ram. The second I broke eye contact with that thing, I could breath again, and the sensation of falling went away. Reggie was whining and barking now, right in my face licking my cheek between barks and snapping at the straps on my backpack's shoulder straps and yanking on me away from where Id fallen. I pushed myself up on my palms and just screamed “GO” to the dog and grabbed my shotgun and half sprinted, half crawled up the hill out of the gully as fast as I could. The rams screaming was getting louder, it started to hurt my ears. Reggie was ahead of me, stopping every 20 feet or so to look at me and bark toward the noise. I could see the dog was shaking like a leaf. The screaming started to turn into a single, unbroken roar that sounded half beast and half wind. The pressure in my head was so bad that a throbbing reddish-blackness flooded my peripheral vision, and I could barely see. I just kept crawling and scrambling toward my dogs barking and eventually crossed the crest of the slope at the top of the gully and was on flat ground again atop the valley ridge. Right then, the roaring stopped, the wind died down, and I felt the pressure in my head give way. The darkness faded from my vision, and the light of the day filled the world again. I stood up and jogged a short distance until a thirst like Id never felt came over me. I collapsed at the base of a rock outcropping and called Reggie over. I took probably 25 gulps of water out of my camelback. I realized Id thrown up all over myself at some point while scrambling out of the gully, or maybe before, and had a few deep cuts in my palms and knuckles. Reggie was still shaking like hed just come out of an ice bath, and whining as though he was hurt. I checked him for injuries but he seemed alright, so I gave him some water and put an arm around him trying to calm him down a bit. I wiped as much of the dirt and snow-caked vomit off my coat as I could with my bandanna, while keeping an eye and a shotgun barrel trained on the crest of the gully, expecting with a deep dread to see ram horns slowly coming over the crest. But they didn't. After a minute or so I got my shit together. I took another sip of water, stood up and booked it the entire three miles or so back to the truck, jogging the entire way. As soon as I could see my truck, I fumbled my keys out of my coat pocket, unlocked it, and bolted straight for the drivers side door. I threw the dog into the passenger seat, the gun into the back seat, and piled in behind the wheel without even taking my pack off, fired her up and tore down the dirt road much faster than was safe. I got to the highway, and didnt stop until we were in my driveway. Its been two weeks since that day, and I still havent been able to sleep a full night or talk to anyone about it. Tha hell would I tell people without them thinking Ive lost my mind? Reggie has never liked sleeping in my bed before, but he's curled up as close as he can to me every night since. I have no way to rationally explain what happened out there. I have no clue what it was controlling or possessing that animal. But I know one thing, it felt like there was a person in that ram… somewhere. It felt like a persons spirit was stuck in there, and desperately wanted out. However, based on the way my dog was acting, I also got the feeling that if I did help it, I wouldnt have ever left that gully. I am sincerely terrified in a way Ive never known possible.

About this: This story is my humble addition to the Jenkinsverse by u/Hambone3110 and so many other great writers who have given us so many strange and wonderful stories about humans in space being awesome. Unless the opposite is proven, this story is a piece of non-canon fanfiction – which gives me some freedom of storytelling – still, as an author I actively avoid to contradict established canon. The views and actions of the characters described herein are a work of fiction (what else) and not necessarily conform to the views and actions of the author. After the previous chapters that were rather dark for my taste, this epilogue is meant to as closure. Dont forget to leave a comment and tell me, what you think of it! First (Prologue) Previous. The Dandelion Fragments – Chapter 6 / Epilogue “Growing up on Selkirk-732A …” My name is MstksWrMd and I am a Rrrrtktktkp'ch. My herd and I have been surviving on this planet for some years now. My parents had been snatched by the Hunters and dropped on the planets surface. At this time, I was still unborn, but my mother was already laden, and so I had the dubious privilege to be born planetside as a native to grow up in the slaughterhouses of Selkirk-732A. With our herd and all the neighbouring herds we led a simple life. We fed on the plants, we wandered from one spring to another, taking care not to overuse one grazing field or another. We followed the crops through the seasons. In springtime, the other calves and me would play catch over fresh green and blooming meadows, summer would see blossoms become crops and autumn would ripen them. In winter we had plenty of fresh greens to eat, the nights would cool down and the rains would moisten the fields and the next year could begin anew. The other kids and me, we had a great time. Sometimes a hunter ship would roar down from the skies and drop one of these monsters and then we fled as fast as we could. The hunters would kill one or another unlucky slow soul, but these were mostly from other herds and would not endanger the herd. The Hunters still kept us on edge, but that is the nature of predators. They would weed out the weak, the sick and the slow. And there was nothing the herds could do about it. My parents had found the cave paintings. These had been made by a former generation of Rrrrtktktkp'ch as a message to all souls who were banished to this hellworld. The paintings contained a thorough warning: Every three hands of years [translates as eighteen] the hunters would reap their harvest from this world. They would come down in masses out of their dropships, they would hunt down and slaughter each and every living being, they would let rain down fire on the green fields and even burn the soil, and so they would prepare the killing fields for another generation of forlorn souls. But the paintings also contained a glimpse of hope, a faint chance: In the mountains there should be caves where we would hide from the hunt and maybe survive. And like this the paintings showed us a way and gave us hope. Hope for survival, hope for a future. We knew that our time was limited in hell. Our elders had knocked down some trees, and the eldest trees were in their eighteenth year. We needed to leave soon. And so we went on our way to the mountains. Those few who wanted to come with us, did. Many more did not believe our warnings and kept their routines. Feeding on green bushes, aimlessly wandering from one waterhole to another. They usually ignored the Hunters, because they trusted in the safety of numbers, in the safety of the Herd. This was the world I grew up in. My parents sometimes told me under tears, that they were sorry, but I did not know why. This is my world. And now, we are on the way. “The Shadow” My parents often told me stories of the world outside, stars and planets and the wonders of interstellar space. How they were leading their life as explorers, how the people on the planets and space stations knew nothing of the lurking dangers, and how they were happy, then … before … My mum and dad were wise and they knew everything. In a way, they were always curious and eager to know more. Maybe this is how they found the message in the caves. The others from our herd liked to tell stories as well, but these were grim tales: Tales of destruction, torture and madness, of being hunted, of running and fleeing but never getting away. Last year another story began to be told: They whispered of another monster – not a Hunter – but a cruel predator altogether. Rarely one would see him. Fast and deadly, not to be seen until it was too late. A being that would cause stampedes, would set the plains on fire only to hunt down the slowest or to drive a herd over a cliff. A monster so cruel it would tear the skin off of living beings and let them dry in the sun. A monster that would poison our greens and would overwhelm the oblivious victims while they were still fighting off the poison. A monster that would set traps for us, pitted with wooden spears. And he would roast his victims on a fire and gnaw the flesh off our bones. They told many stories about him, some believable and some unbelievable, and they called him only the “Ghost” or the “Monster”. My dad used to call him “The Shadow”. We do not know, who he was or where he came from. But we know what he did for us and how he helped us survive. The Shadow had appeared sometime during the eighteenth year, shortly after a spaceship had crashed down and its pilot, a fellow Rrrrtktktkp'ch named FrstrtrMtch, had joined our herd. The Shadow must have been as alien to this world as we all were. Nobody had seen his species before or after. At first, his appearance unsettled us, because it was clear from his appearance that he was a predator himself. And rumour had it, that he was only waiting to hunt us down to kill and devour us all. After a while, we realized that he always kept his distance to our herd. He would sit in the shade under a tree and observe us from afar, a darker shadow hardly to be seen unless he moved. When our grazing brought us away, he would stand up on his hind legs and take up a seemingly effortless, balanced gait, to move to another well hidden place. He was wearing some kind of soft armour or clothing in earthy colours, which helped him keep his camouflage. If you were not looking closely, you might overlook him easily. Most of the time, he was carrying a harness or a saddle, as well as some tools or weapons. I think, that I first saw the Shadow mere days after FrstrtrMtch had joined our herd. FrstrtrMtch was a pilot and had crashed with his life pod after the Hunters had attacked his ship and slaughtered the whole crew. He told us a lot about the galaxy and what had happened in the last years. He showed us how to make and use fire to get through the chilly nights and to prepare food, and how to prevent the shine from attracting Hunters. He always showed a good mood and displayed hope for rescue to us. Only sometimes, he wandered off alone and even from the distance his hunched down figure let us divine his sorrow and how troubled he truly was. The nights chill woke me up, although I was lying close by the fire in the center of the herd. My parents were close by – we always stayed together. The fire had almost burnt down and only the remaining embers gave off some last warmth. The chill had crept through my bones and had awoken me. A dry branch and some logs lay by the fire. Poking into the embers, some flew up and one even burnt my dad. Usually, he does not use strong language but this was a rare moment to hear him swear. He calmed down quickly as he saw that I was trying to reheat the fire and he aided with some larger branches. He realized that I was still feeling cold, so he draw me closer. And then I saw the eyes. Hidden under the low hanging branches of a green Krktk tree, two eyes were reflecting the shine of the fire. Intensely watching and observing, and a chill ran along my spine. My father realized that something was wrong and I only dared to whisper to him, and he tried to calm me with his low soothing voice: “Dont watch him. Hes been there for over [two hours. Stay calm. ” FrstrtrMtch joined in, “Only talk silent and as deep as possible, then he cannot hear us”. His wounded leg was still hurting, so I went over to check on his bandage. Primitive as it was, the crude bandage served its purpose. I sprayed some pain relieving foam that he had salvaged from his escape pod onto the wound and he quickly felt better. Still, it took him weeks to properly heal. The eyes in the darkness had disappeared, and the next day I overheard my parents and FrstrtrMtch discussing about the Shadow and about its intentions and how to treat this issue. They and the other elders accorded that we should ignore the Shadow, as he had not posed an actual threat to us. During the first weeks, he never approached us. Always at a distance, never too far away. And over time, we got used to his appearance – he had become a part of our normal world. Several times, he disappeared for weeks, and I almost missed him – because he had become such a regular part of our world. “The Trek” My parents had directed our herd to the painted cave so that everybody could inspect the warning signs for themselves, and in spring we had reached the conclusion to make our way to the caves in the north. The signs were clear and we expected the Hunters to arrive this summer. Many of the elders from the other herds disagreed and decided to let us go, and only a few other herds joined us. We were a mixed herd of my own Rrrrtktktkp'ch, quite a lot of Vzk'tk and even a strong group of Guvnurag. Slow they might be, but they were steadfast in their resolve and we were glad for their physical strength. While all the elders met, the Shadow was there again, as usual staying at a distance and watching. But when we broke way, he didnt follow us. I did not expext to see him again. We had been on our way for several days, when one night several hunter spaceships appeared from the cloudy sky. Fortunately they ignored us and flew further south. With a renewed sense of urgency, we retook our route early in the morning and hurried further north. Later that day even more hunter ships flew over us to the south. These were larger and slower, and all were heading to the southern plains. If we had followed the other herds, we would have been there as well. In the night, the southern horizon was shining red, as if the whole plain was burning. My parents had this nervous look about them, when they tried to tell me not to worry. Again, we started early, before sunrise, and hurried north. With the rising daylight the scale of what was happening in the south became clearer. A huge wall of smoke encompassed the south, seemingly starting at the western hills and ending at the eastern mountain range. As if hell had broke loose. The Guvnurag showed paling colours and whispered to one another about The Storm, and that the world would end soon. So we hurried further north, always looking back for the hunter ships, but they would not arrive to hunt us down, yet. Two days later the Shadow arrived at our camp. He looked tired, even exhausted – not only from the trek. At first he kept his usual distance, sitting on a treestump and watched us, as if waiting for something. Then he had made up his mind. Letting all signs of stealth drop, he brought himself in his most upright pose – still short by our measure, even shorter than a young calf. Still, he radiated an aura of intention and purpose. Like the predator he was, he slowly walked closer. At about [100 meter] distance he called out at us – nothing to be understood, but obviously he wanted to make sure not to surprise us. All eyes were on him. He raised his spear over his head – a challenge maybe? – No, he raised it only to demonstratively lay his weapon on the ground. Same again with another thing – somehow shaped similar to a pulse gun, but way larger and so much more massive. He let his packsaddle drop to the ground where it landed with a noticeable thump – it must have been a lot heavier than it looked. He had a green branch full of cqcq leaves in his right hand, raised above his head – maybe a gesture of peace? Then he slowly stepped closer, taking careful steps not to startle anybody, and directed his steps towards my father and FrstrtrMtch. They turned towards him and ordered all of us to make way and give the Shadow some room. So we cleared a large circle around the three and they all sat down. Now, that he was closer, I realised that his garments were torn in many places and some looked burnt. Even some parts of his skin looked burnt and charred and he smelled accordingly. He must have gone through hell, and although his body had obviously suffered severely, his gaze was steady and intense. The forward facing, blue and white eyes scanned his surroundings, like a predator taking in all details. A rough sense of determination marked his face. They tried to communicate but neither could make sense of each others language. At least we understood that his name was “RbrtKrtzr” or “RbrT” something similar and his species was called “Uouuuuman”. Finally, they tried drawing in the sand to convey informations, gesticulated directions …. Seemingly endless hours passed. Nobody had found a common language with him: None of our native languages and his had any similarities. He seemed to change between several own languages, as the sounds, the rhythm and the pattern were so distinctly different. Some said, that the sound was similar to cortan, but this I cannot confirm. He had no translator implant, but it would not have changed anything, as only a few of us had another and those who did could neither make anything out of his vocalisations. While the others were trying to communicate verbally, I used this time to observe this alien being and his so strange body language: When he arrived, he appeared very tense and at edge, overcautious and ready to run, as if we were posing a danger to him. To be fair, he was alone and way smaller than all of us and he knew nothing about us. Phyiscally he was quite different to us: He had only four limbs, but he was not quadrupedal – he always balanced on his hind limbs and used the fore limbs mostly as manipulators and for gesticulation. His front paws had only five manipulators, not the usual six or eight. His body was covered in partly torn garments and not in fur. Being comparably lean and not sporting much fur except some patches on his head, made his muscles clearly visible. Strangely, they seemed to work differently to ours, e. g. the arms seemed to have one muscle in front just for bending limb. This had the weird effect that the muscles shone even more through his skin. The most remarkable and alien thing about him was his head and face: Vaguely similar but very unlike to a Corti, there were two frontal facing eyes but instead of the black uniform Corti eyes, his were smaller and tricolored in white, blue and black, and they were set into eye sockets that were protected by massive bones. And although his kind possessed no chromatophores, these shining eyes and his overly flexible face showed an extreme variety of expressions. Talking of massive: When he set down his pack, we realized how much weight he was carrying around. This creature must have been a lot, really a lot stronger than we were. Once he snapped a massive cqcq branch in half, just because he wanted to split the food between two of the elders. Where we would have just nibbled away the leaves or taken off some twigs, he broke the massive wood in half just using his hands and one knee! His bare hands! He just broke that massive stem, as if it was a twig! Only when he heard the astonished gasps and saw our terrified faces, he may have realized what he had done. And instead of any sane reaction, he showed, no presented his open mouth, full of white predatorial teeth and let out a barking repetitive call. And only when he realized that he had nearly caused a small stampede, it dawned on him how terrified we all were. What world had this creature come from? Was he even a natural creation or was he an escaped laboratory experiment? What was he? After some hours and dire communication, the Shadow and our elders had finally reached a conclusion and my father addressed our herd: The hunters had massacred the southern herds and burnt the plains. The Shadow had escaped the hunt there, but nobody else had survived down there. Now the hunters would round up the rest of the herds and we all needed to escape to the caves in the north. And the Shadow intended to come with us and help us. The next days were a constant toil and exertion. We were always hungry and thirsty, tired by the exertion, the morning winds blowing from the south brought ash and the sharp taste of smoke with it. Still, we walked on and on. When we met other herds, we told them. Some panicked and ran away to an uncertain fate, but most saw the safety of numbers and joined our herd. Food became scarce and the water we found was hardly enough for all, so we spread out into several marching columns and thus were covering a larger area. Some times he disappeared for a time but would bring whole bushes of cqcq with him, so large that a grown Vzktk would have had trouble carrying it. He tried the leaves himself as well, but I think he did not like the taste of it. Instead he casually ripped out some of the new green and yellow plants, washed the soil off the roots and munched on them. We thought he would die instantly, because how should a small organism like his be able to process or dilute this poison? How did he not know about this impending mortal danger? “Reaching the mountains” During the trek the Shadow seemed to be everywhere. His energy was sheer unending, always walking and advancing. Scouting the perimeter he saved us from running into dead ends and more than once spared us days of travel. The mountains were coming closer, and from the cave paintings, our elders had a good idea where to go. There should be caves, and we should be safe there. At least safer than on this deathtrap. The mountains were almost in reach, one days travel at most, when RbrT came back to us and talked again to the elders. He seemed terribly disturbed by something, his garments were stained with red blood and purple ichor and he was limping from a leg wound. On his spear he was carrying a trophy: The cut off head of a Hunter, easily twice the size of the shadows head. He had obviously come into a fight, but had managed to survive somehow. Even more, he had fought and killed a hunter. From what he told and showed us, it became clear that the Hunters were waiting for us. Not especially for us, but for all the herds in the northern grazing fields. They were driving all into killing fields to slaughter and feast on them. Oh so close had we come, only to perish now just outside the safety of the mountains. Desperation nearly overcame us. The Elders held themselves better or they were not terrified so fast and together with the Shadow they were able to sketch up a plan. At this moment, I did not understand a lot about it, but in afterthought it must have been a dreadful choice between being slaughtered and dying in battle. We needed to avoid the laid trap by breaking through the hunter lines. Either through stealth and secrecy or through the brute force of a stampede we might be able to overcome a weak point in their lines and continue to the mountain. The Shadow had shown us that the Hunters could be killed – they were not invulnerable, even to his primitive weapons. But we needed to await the right moment and then we should act without any regard to losses. We needed to rescue as many of the herd as possible, although it was sure, that many of us would not survive the coming days. A grim resolution overcame us. Our herd was determined to overcome this grizzling fate. No, we would not become prey, to be slaughtered by the Hunters. They would have to pay dearly for bringing us down. Some started to fashion crude weapons from wood and stone, comparable to the spears that the Shadow was using. Some others prepared torches from the resin trees. We followed a streams valley that brought us closer to the mountains and to the hunters line and still gave us cover. In a denser patch of the forest, we found a hiding place where we could stay for several days and still had enough to eat. While the Shadow went on to scout the land, the herds would stay here to observe and learn of the hunters ways. Different kinds of hunters were around, some larger some smaller. Some carried heavier weapons, some carried none, some were only patrolling. In general, they were most active in late afternoon and into the night, but they were rarely seen in the morning hours when the air was still fresh. “That others may live” Some days, the Shadow returned and debated with our elders. The discussions went on and on, and we little ones did not know why. In hindsight, I have an idea why their decision was so difficult. Finally, and with grave faces, they decided on a plan aiming to rescue as many as possible. My father came over to my mother and me, tears flowing openly over his face, and began to explain the plan: The Shadow had scouted the hunter lines and he had discovered a hidden narrow path leading along a stream and through a crevice that would finally lead us to the mountains and the caves where we could hide. Unfortunately, the path was so narrow that only the smaller individuals, so the calves and females would be able to pass. Although the path was hidden, it was not without danger because it was leading directly through and below the hunter lines. Even the Shadow had observed and encountered hunter patrols there, but was able to avoid them. We would need to take utmost care and stealth to sneak past any hunters. The elders and the Shadow had therefore decided to create another diversion to lure the hunter patrols away: Every early morning, a strong wind from the plains to the mountains had awoken us and now we would take advantage of this weather pattern: Several mobs of Vzk'tk and Rrrrtktktkp'ch would fan out for half a days trip to both sides, hide and in the early morning they would set the savannah and trees on fire. The strong southern winds would then drive this fire front up north towards the mountains against the hunter lines. This should not only attract the attention of many of the hunter patrols, but the smoke should camouflage our other movements. As soon as the hunters had thinned out their lines to counter the fire, our main force would attack the center: The crash of Guvnurag would make the tip of the spear, directly supported by the towers of Rrrrtktktkp'ch. The Vzktk, as the physically smallest and weakest, would follow suit. Although my father tried to deny it, I still had the feeling that this would only be an elaborate plan for mass suicide. But here came the Shadow into the plan: He was the only one who had seen the hunter tactics in action and had seen first-hand what kinds of weapons we would have to expect. Therefore he had volunteered to go out for a sortie in the middle of the night in order to attack the hunter posts to create an opening in the hunter lines. This was our chance, a glimmer of hope: If all went according to plan, our herd had a tangible chance to overcome the hunter lines and to safe some. We would suffer painful losses, of course – but without this plan every single one of us would be dead within the next days. My father told us, that we would meet on the other side and all would be alright. We all spent the night together, cuddling against the cold and against our fear. And in the first hours of dawn, we said our farewells … These were our last hours together. TRANSCRIPTORS NOTE: The Battle of the Northern Plains on Selkirk-732A on [January 6th, 1976] Archaeological evidence and forensic analysis of a recovered hunter data node enabled us to pinpoint the Battle of the Northern Plains to early [January 1976. According to the hunters data logs, not a single prey individual survived the Harvesting Cycle #97, as they denominated the slaughter on this “planet-wide free range prey farm”. Still, their logs contain ample evidence that, while the southern plains were harvested with the low expected losses of primarily gamma and delta hunters due to workplace hazards, the northern plains suffered a very different fate. The following chronology of events could be restored by interpreting the hunter command logs and was transcribed into a legible format. The mentioned sectors A, B, C, D, E denominate areas in close proximity to the mountain ranges and contain several lines of hunter outposts and prepared harvesting facilities. The main battle was fought on 6th of January 1976, starting in the early morning and lasting into the night. Harvesting Cycle#97 – The Hunters perspective on the prison break Cycle#97/Entry-0001: Harvesting on southern plains completed. Harvesting protocol requires using standard procedure #0815 to sterilise the area by incendiary ordnance to prepare the grazing grounds for the following harvesting cycle. Cycle#97/Entry-0002: Harvesting on northern plains commenced. System of guiding infrastructure, posts and patrols established. Measures to drive herds north in place. Cycle#97/Entry-0003: Herds follow expected migratory pattern northwards. Infrastructure for prey processing is established. Cycle#97/Entry-0004: Unexpected outbreak of bush fires endanger the migrating prey in sector A and E. Countermeasures to ensure the harvesting success are dispatched. Patrols are re-dispatched to combat the fires. Cycle#97/Entry-0005: The bush fires in sector A and E are hard to extinguish and require more resources. Patrols from sector B and D are re-dispatched to assist. Smoke walls hinder the local communication and coordination of activities. Cycle#97/Entry-0006: Sector B and D report outbreaking and spreading bush fires and request assistance. The patrols from sector C are reassigned to assist, basic patrols remain in sector C. Cycle#97/Entry-0007: Sector C reports bush fires as well. Local winds fan the fires that reach the center valley. All resources are busy fighting the fire in sector A, B, D, E, so that sector C receives lower priority. All outposts keep their position and report everything under control. Contact to outpost C171, C172, C173 is disturbed. Cycle#97/Entry-0008: Contact to outpost C275 to C278 is lost, presumably due to the fire. A ranged visual inspection shows a large wall of smoke and fire. Patrol ship HPV-B737Mx is scheduled to report visuals. Cycle#97/Entry-0009: Contact to outposts C381 to C388 is lost. Patrol ship HPV-B737Mx reports massed prey presence in proximity of C277. Cycle#97/Entry-0010: Contact to Patrol ship HPV-B737Mx is lost after reporting engine issues, presumably smoke. Patrol ship HPV-B738Mx is dispatched. Due to distance it is scheduled to arrive in 1. 75 hours. Cycle#97/Entry-0011: Outpost C471 reports contact with panicking prey that tries to escape the fire. Patrol ship HPV-B737Mx rerouted for air support. Brood transport HBT-022 and HBT-045 take up specialized crew and equipment and begin transporting reinforcements to D471. Cycle#97/Entry-0012: Contact to patrol ship HPV-B737Mx is lost after reporting engine issues. Hostile presence suspected. Contact to outpost D471 is lost. Cycle#97/Entry-0013: Ground control contacts Orbital with a routine request for orbital imagery of sectors A, B, C, D, E to evaluate the status of all affected outposts: All outposts are affected by fire and smoke. Hunter movement on the ground confirmed. The outposts C173, C277, C382 have already been destroyed, presumably by a combination of fire and panicking prey. Outpost D471 is at the moment overwhelmed by stampeding prey and in process of destruction. Cycle#97/Entry-0014: Selkirk Orbital takes command. The BETAs in command of sectors A-C, and sectros D-F are personally removed from command and replaced with orbital personnel that is flown in within the hour. The new command structure analyses the status: Advanced sensor data show the scale of destruction. All outpost in the lines 1, 2 and 3 are inoperable or rendered inefficient by the fire. The outpost line is interrupted over several destroyed outposts and thereby offers a gap to the plains. Prey herds migrate into the gap and attack further outposts. The locally reduced visibility limits the accuracy of pulse weaponry and enforces close combat. Cycle#97/Entry-0015: New Sector Command removes the remaining BETA and GAMMA from command and the genepool for causes of ineptitude. New Sector Command declares status “BROKEN MANDIBLE” and begins evacuation of all valuable New Sector Command assets. After evacuating, Orbital initiates the purging procedure #0815 over the plain sectors A, B, C, D, E. The whole area is purged without further loss of hunter vessels. Harvesting Cycle#97 & Cycle#98 – Aftermath and dealing with biological contamination Cycle#97/Entry-0021: Harvesting operations in the northern plains are finalized. The resulting prey harvest is severely lacking in quantity and quality and reaches barely 12% of predicted values. The plains are purged (standard procedure #0815) and prepared for resettling. Cycle#98: A contaminated environment Cycle#98/Entry-0001: Resettling initiated. Introduced standard prey species suffer unexpected losses. Closer inspections reveal neophytic organisms: A series of previously unknown plant species have overrun the local flora. The new biome includes several inherently poisonous plants and is unable to sustain standard prey life. The ecosystem is severely contaminated and corrupted. The source of the biological contamination is traced back to the wreckage of a ship from the Small Prey, a CORTI vessel containing deathworld biological samples from an unknown source. Standard purging protocol #0815 is initiated to sterilise the soil. Cycle#98 is discontinued. Cycle#101: Impending doom Cycle#101/Entry-0001: The biological contamination of SELKIRK-732A has run out of hand. The complete ecosystem is contaminated by a small yellow blooming green plant that rapidly conquers any patch of soil, either by far flying seeds or by unintentionally transported root fragments. Even outposts constructed from concrete are affected. A range of previously unknown bushes and trees is observed that use a form of airborne contagion during their reproduction cycles. All observed neophytes contain diverse forms of poison or other aggressive defence mechanisms, making them unsuitable or even lethal when used for prey nutrition. All local flora is reduced to isolated patches and doomed. After several lethal incidents after contact with the airborne contagions and resulting anaphylactic shock reactions, the local garrison is reduced to minimal presence behind massive forcefields and biofilters. The ALPHA of the Brood that Harvests recommends abandoning the planet and to employ orbitally based nuclear fission devices to ensure getting rid of the infestation. The ALPHA of the Brood that Breeds is cited with “RESOLVE – ORBITAL DESTRUCTION – UNIQUE SECURITY”. Cycle#102/Entry-0001: In spite of numerous heavy handed approaches to correct the ecosystem of SELKIRK-732A, the biocontamination persists. The planet is abandoned and only an observing presence is maintained. “Were still here. ” My name is MstksWrMd and I am a Rrrrtktktkp'ch. The plan was sound. The Hunters were distracted first by the wall of fire and then by our stampede, the hidden path was left without guards and we could make our way through to the mountains and on the second day we found the caves. Down in the plains, hidden by the smoke, the battle raged. Many brave souls fought and died this day so that we would live. When night fell on the first day, the battle was still raging on, when suddenly pillars of flame hit from above. The orbital bombardment shook the ground and huge mushroom clouds climbed into the atmosphere. The flash burnt our skin and blinded all who had looked by chance in its direction. The blast waves washed over us and the forests, breaking limbs, knocking trees over, causing mudslides and tumbling boulders. Many in our trek died or lay down mortally wounded. And we knew that nobody down on the plain could have possibly survived this and carried on climbing towards the caves that we had finally found. A secret hiding place for all of us. But it was only days later that some lone survivors from the battle arrived at our main doors: Wounded, mangled, zinged pelt, broken or missing limbs, coughing blood some or blinded by the lights – they had survived by pure luck and chance while often their immediate neighbours and friends had been less fortunate. But how should we call this survival luck? They had arrived here with their last will to live and over the next hours and days every single one succumbed to their wounds. Their voices gave us an idea what had happened during the Battle of the Northern Plain: A tale of heroes, a song of warriors began to form. Not a story of prey that was butchered, but a song of upright beings fighting for their lives, for their families, for their herds and for our future, against overwhelming odds, against a cruel foe that knew only death and torture. But many also told us of the shadow, how he had been in the thickest of battle, how he had personally torn hunters apart that were five times his size, how he had shot down dropships, how he had been hit by smashing pulses only to rise again and to kill the next hunter. They had been so close. They had already overwhelmed the last post and the herd was pressing on, into the gap, through the jaws of death, when a concealed bunker blocked their way and its main gates burst open. Out swarmed a pack of white hunters and immediately attacked the leading bulls, bringing some down with their first assault and rushing the next one. Our stampede faltered and nearly came to a halt, when another hunter – a huge red monster – slowly crawled out of the gate. Terrifying all by itself and dominating the battlescape, it heedlessly swatted some lesser hunters aside, going for our leading bull. The Shadow was fighting to keep the lesser hunters off the herd when the Monster became aware of him. And instead of roaring a challenge, it kept silent, took aim and jumped over a dozen bulls right on top of the Human, and crushed him flat into the muddy ground. Turning around swiftly, the Monster would go for the largest bulls, activated its fusion claws and took aim for another jump, when suddenly a loud crack sounded through the air, then another. The monster was hit and turned around for this new danger, only to see how the Shadow had painfully managed to sit up. His face was bleeding and he clearly was in agony. Still he shouted, tried to shout in defiance at the charging Monster. Another crack from his handgun hit the Monster, incapacitating some legs, another crack, and all front legs gave way. Its momentum carried the Monster further but to no avail – another crack and Rbrd had luckily hit the monsters head – exploding into purple mist. The carcass crashed down, again on top of the Human. Dead. Some bulls tried to push the Monster off the Shadow, tried to pull him out, but it was too late. There he lay, crushed from the waist down, one leg torn off at the knee, the other broken and mangled. Blood everywhere. A wonder how he had even lived so long. How he had been able to move and even fight. And while his blood and the slain Monsters ichor flowed and mixed on the darkened soil, he drew his last agonizing breaths. His eyes staring into the sky as if seeing something only he could see. His features softened, as if he was falling asleep, as if he had finally found peace. We swore to remember. We swore to remember every single one of them and to tell the galaxy of their fate and their deeds. And here in the caves we wrote down all their names, every single soul that we could remember stands written on these walls. And the Shadows name is here as well, he is remembered. On the Wall of Remembrance. The last of my herd and I have been surviving on this planet for several years now after the cataclysm, through cold and hunger, through dust and toil. The time was harsh and many of us became a memory on the wall of remembrance. But we found ways to survive and even to prepare the deadly Dandelions so that today nobody goes hungry. I am old now, but there are younglings of all species playing at my feet. Today, spaceships have arrived. New ships. Not the spiked and aggressive ones of the hunter murderships, but still dangerously looking and menacing and ready for business. They swatted away the last hunter control posts and landed directly in front of our caves. The ships doors opend and down the ramp strode several beings. Soldiers, Warriors. Strange, yet familiar figures. Bipedal and upright, clad in dark armour, dark as the Shadows. “Humans” they named themselves – we named them “Saviours”. We are safe now. Dedicated to the memory of all victims A lions tooth? They laughed at first. Oh its a flower, green and soft, That sends its seeds with wind aloft. Burnt down, dug out and torn apart Should this not break its floral heart. And back I am, so fast and swift, In beauty like a precious gift. But here it is that we shall meet, In this crack of pure concrete. “This world is mine”, They hear me mutter. “I serve the prey and bite the Hunter. ”. Poem written by MstksWrMd, Rrrrtktktkp'ch, dedicated to the memory of all victims) Dame MstksWrMd, Rrrrtktktkp'ch is the first native citizen of the planet “Dandelion” / SELKIRK-732A, a survivor of decades of toil on a former hunter farm world. The poem was publicly performed at the opening ceremony of the Exobiological Congress at Cimbrean, in remembrance of all the victims of SELKIRK-732A. Like on Earth, where the Red Poppy is recognized as a symbol for overcoming the cruelties of War, throughout the Galaxy the Yellow Dandelion now has been widely accepted as symbol for overcoming the horrors of the Hunters, on Selkirks Fields. Dear Readers! I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I did writing it. Leave your comments, drop me a thought. Keep up the HFY spirit! Edit: no sheep, purple ichor, whiffs, last stand.



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